May 22, 2022

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The apartment where Sora wakes up will be his residence, and Nomura denies his relationship with Toyoi

The apartment where Sora wakes up will be his residence, and Nomura denies his relationship with Toyoi

We are still shocked. Kingdom Hearts IV It appeared during the twentieth anniversary of the saga and theories began to spread everywhere. ActWhat is Sora doing in central Tokyo? Who is that character that scares Donald and Goofy?

To dispel the mist around these doubts, the franchisor’s director, Tetsuya Nomura, arrived. In an interview with Famitsu, revealed important details, notably with the Quadratum, the world in which Sora found himself. According to the person in charge, the room in which the protagonist wakes up will serve as a headquarters during the first bars of the game.

In fact, the last part of Kingdom Hearts IVWe’ll see how the room has changed. Regarding the representation of the Japanese capital, Nomura explains Meet in Minami Aoyama, one of the most popular areas of the city. Of course, Shibuya will be included as part of Quadrature.

Many followers may speculate about possible connections to The world ends with you also Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final FantasyBut the director spoiled this possibility.

“Strictly speaking, it’s a different world than Shibuya in The World Ends With You. Some fans are thinking of linking it as well to Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, but there is no connection.”

We know that Sora ended up in Quadratum after the events of Kingdom Hearts IIIBut it is difficult to say what kind of reality we are facing. Nomura insists on being mysterious, noting that “from the perspective of the inhabitants of the Quadratum, their world is real, and The world in which Sora and his friends were is the other side, a fantasy worldAnyone can say that it refers to isekai, but unlike what we are used to.

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Anyway, looking at the combat section, it was explained that the reaction orders of Kingdom Hearts II They will be back due to fan request. His absence in the third installment of Persuasion did not end and now a command called “build” has been added. Nomura refers to the concepts of exclusion and construction, although he does not go further.

In conclusion, we were also left in suspense as to who goes along with the voice of the character narrating the trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV s Kingdom Hearts: Missing Link. Yes, he said it’s not about the brainbut it wouldn’t be completely unknown to us either, for we know him but never heard of him.