May 27, 2022

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The battle for the first mass selection has two candidates

The battle for the first mass selection has two candidates

Aidan Hutchinson and Travon Walker are the main candidates to be chosen in the #1 pick by the Jaguars

Today is the day hundreds of young people fulfill their dream of becoming professional American football players by choosing them in Project 2022 From the NFL. Many of them, from a young age, had only one goal: to reach the best sports league in the world.

But not only are these players excited to see what their new home will be like, but fans are also waiting to take possession of their teams, where they can choose the future great star.

And here is born the great unknown, which many of us speculate before this great event:Who will be the first overall pick in the draft?

The two main candidates are the defensive line Travon Walker from Georgia and Aidan Hutchinson from Michigan. As for bookmakers, they are currently the ones with the best chance of being chosen before Jaguar Jacksonville in it first turn He is a bulldog player.

For a long time he was the first candidate Hutchinsonbut recently reports have surfaced that Trent Balkey, general manager of Jaguaryou will choose Walker. However, the manager did not confirm or deny anything, he simply highlights that they still have time to decide on the best option for them, because both are very productive players.

If we go by the numbers, the defensive end in Michigan has far outpaced that of Georgia, as throughout his career as a league he added 17.5 sacks, made 156 tackles, of which 27.5 were for losing yards; He also defended 10 passes and forced 5 to touch the ball. Even in his final season he broke his team’s record for most sacks with 14, proving that he is a born passer. Even those numbers could have been better, but in the 2020 campaign he suffered a fracture in the first few games that kept him sidelined for the rest of the season.

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for this part, Walker He added 9.5 sacks during his career with the Bulldogs, as well as 61 tackles and 13 times were for losing yards, he was also intercepted and defended three passes and caused confusion.

But there are two compelling reasons for the name Travon Walkerand was part of an exceptional defense like the Georgia Bulldog’s in the 2022 season, allowing them to win the NCAA title after defeating Alabama. The second is that he paraded during the Talent Combine, because with his 1.96m height and 124kg weight, he was able to run a 40-yard sprint in 4.51 seconds. There is a reason for these tests and Walker I have benefited greatly from it.

So…. Who will be the first choice?

Although it seems that the general manager of Jacksonville can be pleased Walkerbesides his great combined performance, the best choice for me is Aidan Hutchinsonwho is even compared to Nick Bosa for his way of going around the attack line and getting into the middle, also has very good technique and great strength, which will have an immediate impact on the team.

So, as I wrote in my third and final post dummy project from nfl, Aidan Hutchinson It should be the first choice.