July 1, 2022

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The best drivers for the 2022 F1 season according to F1

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It’s almost one of the most anticipated moments of every week of the Grand Prix Formula 1The category posted on its website and social network “notes” for each race.

They are reviews of pilots who always give a lot to talk about among fans, who never satisfy everyone and who, in general, usually don’t satisfy anyone. Formula 1, with a panel of five judges, awards each driver a score from 0 to 10 after each Grand Prix, leaving aside the car he is driving.

With this five score, an average is made and the top 10 of the respective jackpot is ranked and published. And after seven races for the 2022 season, here it is Strength ratings Formula 1:

  1. Charles Leclerc: 8.9
  2. Max Verstappen: 8.8

  3. George Russell: 8.3

  4. Sergio Perez: 8.0

  5. Lando Norris: 7.9

  6. Valtteri Bottas: 7.6

  7. Alexander Albon: 7.4

  8. Lewis Hamilton: 7.3

  9. Kevin Magnussen: 7.2

  10. Fernando Alonso: 7.1

The leader in this special tournament is Charles Leclercthe Ferrari driver who also started at the top of the Drivers’ World Championship but after a reliability problem in Spanish GP The failure of strategy and professional reading Monaco He saw Verstappen steal first place.

specially Verstappen It’s second, only one in ten, leaving this table in a fight between just two, like the title of 2022 F1 champion.

Oddly enough, none of his teammates are in third, and in fact Carlos Sainz Jr., who has yet to make his best start to the year, does not appear in the top ten, with drivers from a maximum of eight teams slipping away (with the exception of Aston Martin). Racing and AlphaTauri, per team representative).

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The platform is currently being completed George RussellWho shines in his first season with Mercedes despite problems W13. The Englishman is half a second behind Verstappen. from your side Sergio Perez the chosen The best of the Monaco Grand Prix (which he won)and the fourth, and three more tenths behind Russell, and in front of him only one Norris.

McLaren F1 driver reviews are often inconsistent, and indicate F1’s favouritism towards the British.

However, “favorite” by F1 in other voting types, HamiltonThis year he is only 8th behind his former partner shoes Based on Alex AlbanSeventh place with Williams.

Behind Hamilton Magnussen As the nineteenth of Hamilton and only one of the driver of the Haas F1 team himself, A Fernando Alonso Who are appreciated by F1 despite his misfortune at the start of the course.

He might have missed the two races COVID-19 They were key to Sebastian Vettel’s not making the top 10, and Pierre Gasly, whose teammate Yuki Tsunoda nearly doubled the points in the world championships, was another impressive absence.

F1 indicates the drivers in the 2022 season race by race

*Blank spaces does not mean that they did not get votes in those races, it just means that they were not in the top ten in that particular race.

And this is how the world championships for “real” drivers and teams work: