August 7, 2022

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The best of Android in 2021 (and 7 things we’re still waiting for)

The year is over and it’s time to take stock of everything that happened in Android during 2021. System changes, lower prices in phones, small innovations that make better phones use and much more: We review all the good things that have happened to Android and also how much it has had to suffer.

Our operating system is a mature system, Nobody can say that I have flaws, which does not look attractive on the screen, Google managed to get its offspring to adapt its software to mobile phones, hoursAnd Televisionscars and even washing machines. with More than thirteen years behind the back of our favorite androidWe might think he doesn’t have much to live with. And the opposite happens: 2021 left a big, small batch of memories. Let’s review it.

The best of Android in 2021

It’s not that this year has been particularly turbulent in our operating system, on the contrary: In general, we can say that it was continuous. New generations of phones without many changes, there were no disruptive technologies and no big software surprises. However, 2021 wasn’t bad either.

Android 12

Android 12

It is necessary to mention the new OS in general: Android 12 It highlights its own advantages. It’s a copy Focuses more on privacy, artificial intelligence, and personalization. As in previous versions, Android 12 will not be available primarily on mobile phones until next year 2022.

Articles You y Articles Theming

Automatic interface customization is now a reality with Android 12: icons, shortcuts, and apps Change the color according to the chosen background. And without the user having to do anything: once all the apps and mobiles adapt Android interface will look more consistent and coherent.

original gameplay

play mode

The game board is horizontal with all the shortcuts in the bubble activated

google browser Included in game mode Android 12, a way to improve entertainment applications by allowing the user Choose the performance of the phone; In addition to providing the option to avoid distractions or broadcast the game. Most of the brands have already offered it in their tiers, with Android 12 the game mode is coming to all phones.

call filter

Unwanted business calls

Button to filter calls on Google Pixel 6

Google finally activated call filterA way to respond with the Assistant to anyone trying to contact us. So, We avoid talking to telemarketers and strangers, and with anyone else we don’t feel like having a conversation with. It is one of the best novelties in Google Assistant during 2021.

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Tizen and Wear OS together

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Sense and One UI Watch sections, Samsung layer on Wear OS 3.0

2021 was the year when a major milestone in the field of watch operating systems was established: Samsung and Google have unified their platforms in the so-called Wear OS 3.0. the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 They were the first watches that got their hands on their creations.

Tizen promises to add more fluidity to Wear OS, lower battery consumption and greater stability. At the moment, there are no excessive improvements, but they have not expanded to include more watches than the latest Samsung. Whatever the case, the fact that two companies like Google and Samsung are turning to Wear OS is great news for Android.

Android apps on Windows 11

Win11 . system

This move by Microsoft will expand the range of Android apps: it’s possible Play it directly in Windows 11. That’s why Windows uses a file Runtime system as an emulator. There are ways to start any application on the system, Including the Google Play Store itself.

Make your WhatsApp mobile app floating on your desktop, upload photos to Instagram from your app, smartphone games on your PC… all with it. The runtime system is built directly into Windows 11.

Best mid range ever

Poco X3 Pro

2021 brought us so many cell phones that brands had to struggle to stand out. What is the main way to stand out from the competition? Include the most features at the lowest price. The result was very positive for our pockets.

phones like POCO X3 ProAnd LITTLE F3And Realme GT Master EditionAnd Realme 8 Pro the Xioami 11 Lite 5G NE show it Buying a great phone has never been so expensive. And 2022 indicates that this trend will rise.

More years of updates

Android 12 updates

the System updates They are native to Android; And everything indicates that it will continue in this way for some time. However, 2021 expanded the range Three-year warranty on major updates and four years of security updates For a large number of brands.

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Google offers this number, as well as Samsung, vivoAnd oneplus s Oppo. Of course not on all phones: High-end models get the most attention.

‘cheap’ foldable screens

They started as a fairy tale, and went into high-end devices and this year They managed to narrow the gap to reach a not too expensive price. Credit goes to Samsung with Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Not that a foldable phone is too cheap, but it can’t be denied Yes, it was available to a part of the audience looking for a high-end mobile phone. It is available in stores for just over 900 euros; With many offers in operators and banks (also used).

SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G 8GB / 256GB Negro (Phantom Black) Dual SIM F711B

SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G 8GB / 256GB Negro (Phantom Black) Dual SIM F711B

Distribution numbers come to life

We thought Google definitely killed them after a long time without updating them, but no: the company publicly communicated again How prevalent is each Android version. As usual, The most used is the one who is behind the current year by a year and twoAndroid 12.

Virtual RAM


It’s not that adapting storage to act as volatile memory is entirely new, but it arrived on Android phones for 2021 as one of the improvements to highlight. Expand your RAM by default It can backfire on mobile phones with a certain strength, unlike what happens with cheap phones. It is an improvement with which to extend the use of multitasking.

Seven things we are still waiting for

It’s time to do a self-criticism of what we want in Android that hasn’t yet made it to this OS. Most wishes are old demands that we fear will end up accumulating by 2022.

Guaranteed updates for all mobile phones

Picture No. 4156

It’s true that the update process improved through 2021 with the addition of more years of core releases and security patches, but Android is still far from matching what Apple does with its iPhones, for example. In addition, manufacturers give priority to their most expensive mobile phones; Leave the cheapest ones in reelingMostly without a major Android update.

More security and quality on Google Play

Apps in the Store continue to be reviewed without maintaining the security and quality that the Play Store should have. There is a lot of news Malware related, all despite the fact that Google improves automatic malware protection Thanks to play to protect. Between the limitations of the App Store and the large amount of Google Play, there has to be a compromise that offers enough guarantees for Android users.

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Gift apps from Play Store

Google still does not offer the option to give away apps in its Android App Store. It’s a shame: being able to give another user the app you were hoping would be a good way to expand your app purchase.

Nearby Share compatible with Windows / macOS

Near Comparter

Share with the neighborhood It became based on its own merits inAirDrop de AndroidIt takes a bit to learn how to activate it and how to send files to another Android, but the truth is that it works very well between Android devices, of course, because it is not compatible with desktop operating systems though. It was rumored to be included in Google Chrome.

The clipboard is shared with the computer

Well, maybe sharing any executable file costs, but Why not use the clipboard that syncs between Android and your PC? Chrome tried something similarThere are also applications that achieve this service with great success (Like Clip). At the system level, Google has not yet introduced the shared clipboard on Android.

full desktop mode

Samsung Dex Scene cables

Samsung DeX Wireless on Windows 10

Android 10 already includes a native desktop mode, although disabled. Google still doesn’t make it stable with Android 12, so we are still waiting for it: Turn the phone into a desktop interface by connecting an external monitor Extended use outside the office is permitted. Samsung DeX is a great example of that.

Full recovery with application data

Restoring a backup while setting up a new phone has improved a lot, but it still doesn’t deliver the experience as it should Android installs apps without restoring most of the data. For someone who is used to changing cell phones frequently, this is very annoying: once you download all the applications, you have to log in one by one; With the risk of data loss because it was not properly saved in the copy.