May 19, 2022

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The Braves start working with the present Ronald Acuña

The Braves start working with the present Ronald Acuña

VENICE, Florida – Braves manager Brian Snitker stood on the field in front of a “World Champions 2021” banner and occasionally stared at the nearby Bulls Arena, as World Championships Champion Charlie Morton was letting go of his arm. Around the corner, Venezuelan Ronald Acuna Jr. and Dominican Christian Patch stop their truck and pose for a photo.

“It’s like the first day of school,” said October star, Tyler Matzik.

There was one notable absence: All-star agent Freddy Freeman.

Major League Baseball players took to the fields in Florida and Arizona on Sunday, the first official day of spring practice after a 99-day shutdown. Fans rejoiced with familiar faces and some new faces – Astros star Justin Verlander returning from injury, All-Star Marcus Simin holding globes in Rangers’ red and blue colours.

It’s been a decade since Freeman didn’t show up on the field in Atlanta, but the 2020 NL MVP is still a free agent, and a catchy person being called up by the Yankees and Dodgers. big bag equipment

Snitker sent a message to Freeman shortly after the administration’s ban on contacting players expired at the end of the shutdown on Thursday. He wasn’t sure what the first baseman would do and didn’t ask him. I just wanted to talk to an old friend.

“I haven’t spoken to him since the show ended,” Snicker said. “I just told him ‘Man, I can talk to you now.'”

The Braves come out of unemployment more suspiciously than the rest of the teams. Akuna was recovering from a ruptured ACL, Morton was back up the hill after breaking his leg in the first game of the World Championships and Mike Soroka is progressing after rupturing his right Achilles tendon last summer.

“I’m ready,” Acuña said on the way to the team headquarters.

Not quite, but the brave are happy with his progress. The 2018 rookie suffered a knee injury at the end of the season last year and missed the team’s October race for the championship.