June 20, 2024

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The city of Auckland has been closed for at least seven days

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Artern announced a new week’s prison sentence this Saturday in Auckland, the country’s most populous city (it’s not in the capital, it’s in Wellington). The prison, which runs from this Sunday until Sunday, March 7, was decided after a cluster of unknown origin was discovered within the city. Therefore, residents are forced to stay at home, except for essential shopping or jobs that are considered essential.

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Jacinta Ordner told a news conference that the rest of New Zealand was subject to a warning threshold, namely restrictions restricting all public meetings.

In mid-February, the city of Auckland, with a population of nearly 2 million, was locked up for three days after a family of three was found to be favorable to the most widespread variation in the UK. Govit-19.

New Zealand is the developed country with the lowest number of Govt-19 cases during the first wave of the epidemic. With more than 2,000 cases and 26 deaths since the crisis began, The country is classified by Lowe’s As “Excellent studentTo the world in terms of managing the health crisis. Its health strategy so far seems to have proven its effectiveness in striking quickly and vigorously once a slight warning signal is detected.

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