May 20, 2024

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The Club World Cup is defined after the Champions League with a “prize money” of $2,000 million

The Club World Cup is defined after the Champions League with a “prize money” of $2,000 million

FIFA is preparing millions for the upcoming Club World Cup. The organization headed by Gianni Infantino is preparing for a revolution for the upcoming Club World Cup. This will not only affect the sports field, but also the economic field will be strengthened in the new form. Going from A Cash prize From sixteen million in the 2023 edition to about 2,000 million euros in 2025.

The tournament will be held between June 15 and July 13, 2025 in the United States It will be held every four years, always in the year before the World Cup. In this sense Supernatural world The clubs will become an alternative to the old Confederations Cup.

Of the 32 teams, 12 will be European teamsBeing the continent that contributes the largest number of clubs to the competition. Behind them, six South American teams will qualify, while Africa, Asia and North America will each contribute four clubs. Finally, a team from Oceania will qualify, as well as another from the host country, and it could be Leo Messi's team, Inter Miami, that enters the equation.

The qualification system in Europe is divided into: Four places for local league champions and eight based on the ranking prepared by UEFA. In the second case, the classification in the last three editions of the Champions League is decisive. In fact, this is the reason why Atlético Madrid entered the World Cup and excluded FC Barcelona, ​​despite the two teams falling in the quarter-finals of the continental tournament.

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With regard to the prizes awarded by FIFA, This is about 1,700 million eurosIt is an amount that could increase when world football's governing body provides all the details Cash prize From the qualifying rounds. So far, Gianni Infantino has confirmed that all teams qualifying for the upcoming Club World Cup will receive only fifty million euros for participation.

About one hundred million euros will be added to the previous amount for the winning team. In total, the 32 teams will receive 1.6 billion euros just for travel to the United States, which rises to 1.7 billion euros when taking into account the champion prize. According to a study he conducted One footballThe qualifying rounds will distribute an additional 300 million euros It brings the total package to €2,000 million.

So far, in Europe, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester City have qualified as Champions League champions for the years 2020-2021, 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, and through the points system: Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain. Germain, Inter Milan, Porto, Benfica, Juventus, Torino, Borussia Dortmund, Atletico Madrid, Salzburg.

Outside the Old Continent, teams like Al Hilal Saudi Arabia, champions of the AFC Champions League in 2021; Japan's Urawa Red Diamonds, winner of the title in 2022; Al-Ahly of Egypt, being the champion of the CAF Champions League 2020-2021 and 2022-2023, or Wydad of Morocco, being the champion of the tournament in 2021-2022, are other teams that have already secured a one-way ticket. For the Club World Cup.

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In Europe, UEFA recently agreed to disburse $1 million to clubs that play its competitions. On February 7, the body headed by Aleksander Šifrin approved the income distribution plan, which amounts to 4.4 billion euros and will be distributed between 2024 and 2027.