May 23, 2022

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The confused story of Sarma Melngailis, the queen of vegans who ended up in prison for fraud, hits Netflix

The confused story of Sarma Melngailis, the queen of vegans who ended up in prison for fraud, hits Netflix

Sarma Melengels It was going to eat the world, it was too raw. in front of New York Pure Food & Wine Restaurant،, which used to serve exclusively uncooked vegan food, resided in Vegetarian Pioneer When that movement was just starting to see the light and the inside Expert for famous clients and thousands of followers on social networks. None of them could imagine that, after a decade, the successful businessman would not be at the top but behind bars, Convicted of theft, tax fraud and conspiracy to defraud. What happened at that time is something new Netflix Documentary Series “Bad Vegan: Fame, Frauds and Leaks”who reconstructs events through interviews, excerpts from phone calls and text messages and, in the process, attempts to reflect on the effects of psychological abuse and emotional humiliation.

Melngailisse became known on the Manhattan food scene in 2004, when She opened Pure Food & Wine with her then-boyfriend, Chef Matthew Kinney; Quickly, dishes from their menu such as cauliflower couscous with Iranian pickles or arugula salad with hazelnuts, dried cranberries and Castelvetrano olives became the preferred choice. Celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Chelsea Clinton and Owen Wilson. After a personal and professional breakup with Kenny, she took over the management of the company and set out to make it the nerve center of a raw vegan revolution. Another celebrity who has been seduced by her lively attitude and charisma is Alec Baldwin, with whom she became friends and whose Twitter activity led her to meet the man who caused her downfall after a while.

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Military and esoteric operations

Melngailis was instantly seduced by the triumphant image presented by Anthony Strangis through the networks and the aura of mystery he was involved in from the start.: He explained that he was involved in secret military operations around the world, and that he had enough money to take care of her, pay her debts and help her create a culinary empire. He also told her that he had spent thousands of years waiting to be found; He identified himself as a chosen being, who achieved superhuman humanity thanks to alien deities, and assured her that he could give her the same status. He also promised her that the dog he loved so much, Leon, would be immortal.. In return, he added, all she had to do was prove her faith by obeying every commandment he gave her and every test he passed.From that moment on, Melngailis had to make constant and large transfers of money to whoever had already become her husband, To keep her in check, he resorted to psychological indoctrination techniques from sectarian leaders and outright threats: he told her about his powerful brother, who was constantly watching her, who was very violent.

chicken wing trail

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Unlike Melngailis, Strangis was not vegetarian; On the contrary, he liked fast food. Indeed, if the police managed to catch the couple in May 2016, after they had been on the run for months, it was thanks to the family pizza and chicken wings that he paid for at the Domino’s chain establishment with a credit card. after arrestN., both were accused of embezzling about $2 million, defrauding restaurant employees and misleading investors.. According to ‘Bad Vegan’, most of this money was spent Strangis Casinos, expensive hotels and luxury things.

How could such a woman be deceived by such a man? Directed by Chris Smith—who was once an executive producer of another hit Netflix hit, true crime thriller, Tiger King—the new series makes it clear that he’s a scum piece of great imagination, and that she’s succumbed to his coercive tactics. However, Refuses to photograph Melngailis -whose testimony is first-person is the backbone of the story- just a victim. Instead, he provides evidence of her active involvement in the crimes, including opinions that cast doubt on her motives for approaching Strangis at first, and eventually, at least, seem to condemn her to extraordinary levels of stupidity. The doors of what used to be a temple of vegans in New York have closed since 2015, and it doesn’t look like a “bad vegan” will contribute to its reopening.