December 3, 2021

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The Dam Factory in Al-Brat has resumed its activity after a computer attack

The Dam Factory in Al-Brat has resumed its activity after a computer attack

The Estrella Dam Factory in Pratt, the company’s most important asset, begins restoring its normal workflow after being hit by a computer attack, said a statement.

The Catalan brewery was forced to paralyze production beer From the early hours of last Tuesday to Wednesday due to an attack ransomwareThe cybercriminals encrypted all the files and no one from Estrella Damm was able to access them until the ransom was paid.

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However, the company continues to “work on resolving the incident” that severely affected the operating system and which appears to have not been fully resolved yet.

However, it was already possible to produce beer normally again and it is expected that in the coming days it will be possible to “completely restart the plant”. So far, it has been possible to maintain activity only by bottling beer kegs, although the conditions were not the best either.

Back to production

The company had enough stock of beer

Despite this problem presented by the newspaper I see, from Estrella Damm, it was always assured that the supply of beer during these days was fully secured in both restaurants and catering due to a large stockpile.

Estrella Dam

The company had enough reserves to be able to go several days without production

Estrella Dam

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Although everything has its limits and this was one of the company’s main concerns: running out of reserves due to its inability to start the factory. This win will not happen, as Estrella Dam has already started to speed up his pace.

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If this attack took place in the summer, cWhen you drink more beer Until it cools down, it may run out of stock within three days. But in this year’s saga, the company had a few more days to spare until the reserves ran out.

This computer incident at no time affected the distribution of drinks and foods in the Horeca Channel, which always operates “absolutely normally”.