May 16, 2022

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The dark spots of the investigation of Depanhe Escobar

The dark spots of the investigation of Depanhe Escobar

Depanhe Escobar disappeared in the early hours of April 9, After I left a party I attended with some friends and took a taxi. The last trace of her mobile phone determined her location for the last time between a Nueva Castilla motel and a transport company 15.5 kilometers from the motorway from Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo. The family quickly seized this clue to search for the young woman. The photo, allegedly taken by the taxi driver, shows the woman on the road alone. Location, videos, situation with the taxi driver and search are some of the points with less information on this.

hiding place

The point where the Debanhi trail loses is the stretch of road where there is a hotel that is closed in appearance but normally operating, and there is a transport company. Both have recording cameras, but the cameras in the hotel record in real time, but do not save the photos, according to the claim. However, the carrier’s videos are in, but the family says it looks bad and there are some moments without a picture. Prosecutors say 70 people were questioned, some of the hotel workers conceivably among them, and that as many as 120 videos were analysed.


The motel is surrounded by a yellow wall. Both the building and its surroundings were Agents reviewed it up to four times. On the fifth day, the body appeared in a cistern at ground level with a few meters of water at the bottom. How is it possible after four inspections that the tank, which is located a few meters from the motel, has not been thoroughly inspected? The family wonders if the body was really there from the start or was it laid later. The groups of citizens who organized a search searched other wells more than 50 km from the place. If it was there from the start, why didn’t the agents find it in the first searches?

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Dolores Bazzaldua, Depanhe Escobar’s mother, distributes her daughter’s research pamphlet, in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, last Wednesday.Daniel Bisrel (Reuters)

The strange picture of the taxi driver

The image of Debanhi alone on the road, in a white shirt, a long brown skirt, Converse sneakers and a mask, is one of the greatest mysteries from the start. Was the taxi driver supposed to take her home after she decided to leave the party that took the photo? Why did he do this? Local media say the goal was to show that the girl got off the taxi of her own free will. However, the family reported that there were videos that were handled by the prosecution in which the driver was seen extending his hand to touch the breast of the young woman. The father believes this “sexual harassment” was the motive behind his getting off the taxi, and eventually his death. But the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nuevo Leon questioned the driver, who they said was quite cooperative: “He cooperated a lot. There is absolutely nothing in the analysis. The ministry assures that once the car is checked, they find absolutely nothing. The man is free. It is not known to the private transport platform.” To which the taxi was attached, but it is known that he went to pick up the girl at the party on a private basis through the mediation of friends.

Last photo of Depanhe Escobar.
Last photo of Depanhe Escobar.RR.SS.

An autopsy is scheduled for the young woman on Saturday, but the governor of Nuevo Leon, Samuel Garcia, promised to accompany the family to the forensic services in an effort to speed up these procedures and finally be able to bury the woman as soon as possible. ..

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