August 17, 2022

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The death of the actor and producer Arquimedes Rivero, known as the "Caesar of the Series" |  people |  entertainment

The death of the actor and producer Arquimedes Rivero, known as the “Caesar of the Series” | people | entertainment

Cuban, who was 91 years old, in 1969 produced such successful soap operas as La usurpadora, Doménica Montero and La indomable.


Cuban TV and Radio Actor and Producer Archimedes RiverHe died Thursday at the age of 91 in Miami (Florida), according to local media, who was behind the popular Venezuelan soap opera that earned him fame as a “telenovela czar”.

Rivero was born on April 30, 1930 in Pinar del Rio, western Cuba, where he took his first steps as an actor in radio dramas.

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At the end of the 1940s, he moved to Havana to work on radio drama at RHC Cadena Azul, according to Americas Magazine, Miami.

Then he expanded the newspaper, and was the brave one who accompanied the famous Cuban actress Gina Cabrera, founder of Al Jazeera TV, on CMQ Radio.

Also in Cuba he belonged to the cast day event, a program in which Celia Cruz acted and sang verses.

As a young man, Rivero became part of the cast Three Philalobos, a very popular adventure series that appeared on Cuban radio in 1943 and has been on the air for over 20 years.

After settling in Venezuela in 1954, Rivero was hired by Radio Rambo, where he participated in a popular radio series. Martin Valenti, Lord of Death, among other works that made history on Venezuelan Radio, reviews by him Miami Herald.

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In 1969, he was already appointed to his role as a producer Radio Tv Caracas, where he produced such successful series as The rapist and Dominica Montero are invincible.

After moving to Miami “several decades ago”, according to the same medium, as a producer he put his main hand in the co-production of Fonovideo and Vinvision How do woman of my life, And Adores.

“Venezuelan telenovela Caesar is gone without Arquímedes Rivero. Goodbye Martin Valente. See you soon my friend. We will miss you Arquímedes Rivero,” Venezuelan actor Franklin Vergues wrote on Instagram.

The actor added, “Many of us are actors who owe a part of our careers to this Cuban who came to Venezuela in the 1950s and stays in our country to love it infinitely. Thank you.”

For his part, in an obituary on his YouTube channel, MundoUR referred to Rivero as a “key figure in the history of telenovela in Venezuela” and called him a “tsar” of the genre. (I)