August 17, 2022

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'Caso Djokovic' en directo: última hora, reacciones y novedades hoy, en vivo

The ‘Djokovic Affair’ in Australia, live | The last minute for Novak and his possible deportation

Becker to Djokovic: “If you were vaccinated, it would be easier for you”

Former German tennis player Boris BeckerThree-time champion of Wimbledon, This Wednesday he criticized some of the expressions of the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic’s family in recent days After the controversy over his entry into Australia and recommended he be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Father has really crossed the line. Certainly some of the statements I made four or five days ago I regret today. The former world number one coach told Eurosport that some of his family’s comments certainly did not help him.

“Christ was crucified and they did everything for him, but he is still alive among us,” Srjan, Djokovic’s father, said at a press conference in Belgrade. “Now Novak is crucified, they are
do everything.”

Djokovic’s parents are ‘very emotional and so is his brother; that’s not always understood’Baker said after the controversy with “Noll”, who was initially denied entry to Australia for not being vaccinated against the Corona virus, and the authorities considered the medical exception provided insufficient.

Since border officials did not give him the agreed time to clarify his position, a judge on Monday ruled in favor of the tennis player, who was being held in a hotel and was released. But it is not yet clear if he can stay in Australia and take part in the Australian Open. A final decision is expected before Thursday.

“I feel sorry for the poor man. I know him well and we are still good friends. Some things have been done wrong.”Becker said and stressed, “The question is: Who was the villain in the story? Public opinion is that it was Novak Djokovic. He made a double mistake, but he had the right documents,” he said.

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The 54-year-old German, in the face of the next tournaments in which he participates, recommended that the Serb be vaccinated. “The regulations will get tougher rather than loosen. So my opinion would be: Boy, now play the Australian Open as best you can, but then try to understand that if you get vaccinated it will be easier for you. I don’t know if she willBaker said.

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