January 28, 2022

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The Health Commission reports on the situation due to Covid in Cuauhtémoc Noticias - El Heraldo de Chihuahua

The Health Commission reports on the situation due to Covid in Cuauhtémoc Noticias – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

Cuauhtemoc, Chih. – Mayor Elias Humberto Perez Mendoza reported that the Municipal Health Committee held its first meeting during the hypothetical year, addressing, among other issues, projects to be implemented in 2022, which focus on improving mental health, detecting tuberculosis, improving elderly care, and the phenomenon of overcrowding. universal vaccination, and various types of support for adolescents, such as addiction prevention.

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He pointed out that with regard to the topic of Covid, it was indicated that since January 2 until now there has been an increase of 92 positive cases and 6 deaths, which arose after a month of great movement, whether commercial and meetings, due to the holidays. .

He commented that in the symptomatic review points, set by the Directorate of Social Development, out of every 100 people whose temperature and oxygen are measured, at least six show suspicious signs of infection, and it is recommended to go to some health centers to be examined.

The mayor explained that the doctors participating in the committee reported that vaccination was closely related to protecting citizens, which should raise awareness among those who are still not insured with the virus.

“All municipal families, including departments and the Mennonite community, are called to protect sanitary measures: wear a mask as long as possible, go out only when necessary, maintain a healthy distance and improve an app that measures hygiene. It may sound simple, but it is essential to curbing the spread of the epidemic. “.

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As for the business, those coming into business as well as those in attendance were asked to perform all healthcare services. He requested that people not go to flea markets without wearing a mask out of respect for all present. He emphasized that it was necessary to avoid crowding.

Elias Humberto Pérez Mendoza expressed that in addition to vaccination, awareness and responsibility will help us all overcome the problem.