May 22, 2022

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The electoral authority certifies Macron's victory, but they abstained from voting in France - Juventud Rebelde

The electoral authority certifies Macron’s victory, but they abstained from voting in France – Juventud Rebelde

Paris, 25 April. Today, the Ministry of the Interior published the final account of the vote in the French presidential election, which ratified the re-election of Emmanuel Macron with 58.54 percent of the votes cast, with 28.01 abstentions. According to the data, in the reissue of the second round of 2017, the president received the support of nearly 18 million and 800 thousand people.

Meanwhile, far-right representative Marine Le Pen received about 13 million and 300 thousand votes, compared to 41.46 percent, and 2.5 million more than the results of five years ago. More than 13,600,000 out of the 48,700,000 French who were called to the polls abstained from voting in the elections held yesterday, in an absence unprecedented since 1969, when 31 percent of those registered on the register stopped voting in the elections. presidential.

In addition to the high abstention rate, three million blank or canceled ballot papers were filed, at 6.19 percent. Macron became France’s first re-elected president since 2002, when Jacques Chirac defeated far-right Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine’s father.

However, when counting the votes obtained by the leader of La Rep├║blica en Marcha in relation to the total number of registered voters, it was 38.52 percent, a result only better than the 37.51 achieved in 1969 by Georges Pompidou.

In his address last night to his followers on the Champs de Mars, the president promised judgment to everyone and said he was aware that many French people voted for him not to support his ideas and yes to blocking the access of the far right to the Elysee Palace. He also considered difficult years to come, but at the same time historic, which he accepted from his countrymen to be forward-looking and ambitious.

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For her part, Le Pen focused in her speech after the defeat on drawing a dark panorama that, in her opinion, will test the country with the re-election of her opponent, according to PL. He said I fear that the five-year term that will open will not break with vile and brutal practices, and that Emmanuel Macron will do nothing to mend the divisions that divide our country and make our compatriots suffer.

The eyes of various sectors of French politics now turn to the legislative elections scheduled for June, which will be a complex task for the ruling party to maintain control of the National Assembly.