August 19, 2022

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The European Union and New Zealand have announced a free trade agreement

The European Union and New Zealand have announced a free trade agreement

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Brussels (AFP) – The European Union (EU) and New Zealand on Thursday announced the final details of a free trade agreement that promises to increase trade by 30% and raise concerns among European manufacturers.

“This is a historic moment in our cooperation … it is a strong and modern trade agreement that offers great opportunities for our companies, our farmers and our consumers,” said Ursula van der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

The EU is already New Zealand’s third largest trading partner, and with this agreement, trade between the two of us could increase by 30%, the official stressed.

“This is a big move. Farmers on both sides will benefit,” he added.

Precisely this aspect of the agreement raised concerns among European farmers.

“Farmers on both sides will benefit … because we will work together on sustainable diets. We will work together to reduce animal welfare, fodder and fertilizers, and pesticides,” said Van der Leyen.

For her part, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Artern said the successful outcome of the talks was “a positive development for New Zealand and the European Union”.

According to Ordern, the deal announced Thursday that it “represents better business opportunities for our exporters, both small and large.”

This understanding, he added, “will provide real-world trade benefits at a time when our economies are recovering from Govt disease and managing the economic shocks and instability of war.”

European farmers

The EU said in a statement that the agreement was reached “taking into account the interests of EU producers of sensitive agricultural products such as dairy products, beef and mutton, ethanol and maize”.

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For these sectors, the note states that the agreement will allow zero-tariff imports from New Zealand “only in limited quantities”.

Jacinta Artern (left) and Ursula van der Leyn pose for a laugh with copies of the Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and the European Union in Brussels on June 30, 2022. Kenzo Tribouillard AFP

“EU agricultural producers will have better opportunities to sell their produce in New Zealand as soon as the agreement is implemented,” the report said.

In France, companies representing beef and dairy producers have issued a warning that “several thousand tons (…) are coming in without complying with our agricultural production standards.”

Those companies have mentioned the use of herbicides and pesticides that are not allowed in the EU but are still used in New Zealand.

The EU pledged to adhere to a “strong regulatory” system and ensure that all imported foods comply with the group’s “rules”.

The text of the agreement will now be subjected to a thorough review to verify compliance with the legal provisions of the European Union and New Zealand, and will be translated into all official languages ​​of the Assembly before being submitted to the Council of Europe. .

The European Union is currently in talks with India, Indonesia and Australia for possible free trade agreements. The agreement with Mercosur, formally announced, has not yet been ratified by the European Council.

Following the announcement, talks will continue with Chile and Mexico, said Valdis Dombrovsky, executive vice president of the European Commission.

As for Chile, the official said the commission expects Gabriel Borick’s contacts with the “new government” and “we are moving to the next steps.”

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Meanwhile, he added, “We are discussing with the Mexican authorities about the approval legal framework.”