June 28, 2022

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The experience tells Disney Plus that most subscribers will choose the cheapest ad-supported rates.

The experience tells Disney Plus that most subscribers will choose the cheapest ad-supported rates.

Disney Plus is moving ahead with its plan to offer a cheaper plan Enables subscribers to enjoy their content at a discounted price. This new rate will include, as a matter of consideration, advertising.

La Casa del Ratón launched its streaming platform in November 2019, with series such as The Mandalorian Pioneering to attract millions of subscribers all over the world.

However, the broadcast market is changing. There are many platforms that are developing plans to implement cheaper rates in exchange for containing ads, Netflix and Disney + two of them.

In the case of Disney, the experience hollow It gives them a broader perspective on how ad-supported subscriptions work. The platform, which is only available in the US and Japan, has been with two different plans for some time: a traditional subscription, and a cheaper one that includes ads.

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During the annual MoffettNathanson Summit on Media and Communications (via diverse), chief financial officer of Disney, Kristen McCarthyHe explained that the company’s expectations indicate that more than half of Disney Plus subscribers are sticking to the plan, which includes advertising.

Based on our experience with Hulu, we have more AVOD subscribers [ad-supported video on demand] How about SVOD [subscription video on demand]. We expect roughly the same percentage for Disney+ and Hulu, based on the precedent we’ve seen“.

Disney Plus ad-supported plan coming to the US in late 2022. The idea in the company is to gradually expand to other areas, just as the platform itself does.

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We told you a few days ago about Disney’s plans for advertising, objecting to political or alcohol content and limiting it to 4 minutes of advertising for every hour of viewing.

We’ll have to see how much of that plan’s subscription price is left To see if it pays off compared to the standard price, which is currently 8.99 euros per month in our country.

Do you think these new plans that streaming platforms are incorporating will help increase the number of subscriptions? Are people (outside the US) willing to pay to watch something that begins to resemble traditional TV?