December 8, 2023

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The famous Stranger Things actor declares that he is a Starfield fan

The famous Stranger Things actor declares that he is a Starfield fan

The Stranger Things actor praises the richness of Bethesda’s games.

Among the Stranger Things cast is a Starfield fan

Starfield was launched two months ago, which led to the fact that it could not be seen all this time The huge potential of Bethesda’s new title When traveling and exploring outer space, which gives rise to one of the most commonly used functions namely… Create different types of shipsand they’re of all kinds, including the kind based on Shrek.

Be that as it may, although there are Starfield players who even manage to create practically indestructible ships, it must be said that among the players we find profiles of all kinds, so in this case it’s time to talk about them David Harbourthe famous Stranger Things and Hellboy actor who claims to be one Starfield fan.

Stranger Things’ David Harbor says he’s a big Starfield fan

We were able to find out thanks to colleagues at IGN, who uploaded a short interview on social networks in which he surprisingly mentioned that He’s a big fan of Starfield.Bethesda’s latest and highly praised game Richness of games in this study Pointing out that he enjoys it on another level, especially when using these video game feats:

It should be noted that David Harbor is an actor who has had a rising career in Hollywood in recent years, since his role as Hopper in Stranger Things, one of the main characters of the series, earned him the opportunity to be the new Hellboy and even joined the MCU as the Red Guardian, which We’ll see him again Lightning strike movie.

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As for Starfield, although it did not even receive a nomination for this year’s GOTY Award, it must be said that it is a game that many enjoyed very much and that if you want to enjoy it you will be able to find it in it Xbox Series.