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The feud that rocked Wimbledon: Andy Murray’s mother targeted a tennis player who decided not to play with her son

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Andy Murray bids farewell to Wimbledon amid row between mother and young celebrity (Reuters)

The second week of WimbledonThe 2024 edition of the third Grand Slam of the season will be remembered on the circuit as the last to feature one of the legends of British tennis. Andy Murray played his last match in All England Although he was unable to participate in the singles draw after undergoing surgery for a cyst in his back, he saw action in doubles alongside Jaime, his brother and the young star. Emma Raducanu.

completely, Her continued success as a grass court champion in world tennis was affected by the sudden retirement of tennis player.Before being eliminated in the round of 16 of the singles tournament by New Zealand’s Suns, Raducanu announced that he will not play the mixed doubles match with Andy Murray due to physical discomfort..

The 20-year-old, who rose to fame after winning the 2021 US Open, explained that she met “wrist stiffness” To protect himself from the singles, he skipped the second round, which was disappointing for Murray and his team, as playing mixed doubles with the tennis player was his way of staying in his career in his last experience at Wimbledon.

The situation was pointed out by Murray’s mother Judy, who left several messages on her networks expressing her anger at Raducanu’s sudden decision. The first was in response to broadcaster Marcus Buckland, who commented saying: “Amazing news that Emma Raducanu has withdrawn from her mixed doubles match with Andy Murray. She has reported pain in her right wrist. This means Murray has played his last match at Wimbledon. Oh my!”“The commentator wrote,”

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Judy replied vaguely: “Yes wonderful.”This reaction showed the disappointment of Murray’s team, but it also opened up a discussion on digital platforms.

Judy Murray’s letters against Raducanu
Judy Murray’s explanation on her networks

To further complicate the situation, Murray’s mother shared this on her Instagram account. Instagram Quote from British Tennis Association (LTA) which highlighted an earlier comment from Serena Williams, Murray’s former mixed doubles partner during Wimbledon in 2019: “Playing mixed doubles alongside you was one of the highlights of my life. I’m so grateful to have had that experience.”

After seeing this post, many followers interpreted that Judy had indirectly criticized Raducanu, which increased the conflict between the British tennis legend and the young woman that erupted a few years ago and was subsequently out of the ring due to a series of injuries.

Facing a wave of criticism and comments, Judy made her X account (formerly known as Twitter) private on Saturday afternoon, but changed it back to public shortly after. In an attempt to clarify the situation, she posted another message on Sunday morning: “I’m not sure anyone understands the irony these days. I’m sure the schedule (fourth match on court one with singles the next day) will have a big part to play in the decision.”He wrote that his annoyance was directed at the Wimbledon organisation more than the tennis player.

Following his decision, Raducanu spoke about his withdrawal from the mixed doubles and was blunt about why he pulled out at the last minute: “It wasn’t ideal scheduling,” he said. “I just walked off the field and found out for myself.”The British racket explained. It is worth noting that the match that Raducanu and Murray were scheduled to play against Marcelo Arevalo-Zhang Shuai was scheduled for last Saturday’s shift on Court 1, with an approximate start time of 8:00 p.m.

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This is believed to have influenced Raducanu’s decision to withdraw to protect her fitness ahead of Sunday’s clash with Lulu Sun. The Toronto-born, but Bromley-based player was seen training with a bandage on her wrist ahead of the match that sealed her exit from Wimbledon.

“Of course I didn’t want to take away his last match, but at the end of the day, a lot of players in similar situations would have done something similar,” the young tennis player added when asked how Murray made his decision to retire from doubles, saying: “Obviously he was disappointed because it was his last match. I hope I can play in the Olympics and have another farewell there.”.

Raducanu has decided not to play mixed doubles with Andy Murray to protect his health (Reuters/Matthew Childs)
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