August 19, 2022

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The final resume of the Prada Cup after a naval battle

The final resume of the Prada Cup after a naval battle

We have Recatas. The result Prada Cup After New Zealand was able to control the corona virus cases discovered last weekend, it finally starts again this Saturday. The good news for matches is that in recent days groups and organizations have been stuck in the dry ground fighting with reports, accusations and threats.

The Prada Cup, until last week, was a contest to determine which candidate’s defender against whom USA CupTwo films that amazed the world: those AC75 ships fly at 50 knots Howrah Gulf and large population Audience meeting at Auckland Beach Enjoy races without masks and without social space.

The successful management of the epidemic by the New Zealand government led to the 36th US Cup being held with the public, at least with the country’s fans, as the borders were practically closed to foreign tourism. However, the Detection of three positive cases for corona virus Last Sunday in Auckland, shortly after completion Fourth victory for Italian Luna Rosa against Inios, England The British led the government in the final of the Prada Cup Jacintha Etern To re-implement the total elimination plan for Govt-19.

With the restrictions imposed (Alert Level 3 in Auckland, Level 2 for the rest of New Zealand 72 hours), both races scheduled for this Wednesday could not be played. Uncertainty over when to cancel and when (with public or closed doors) action will return to the water caused a tense pulse in the dry land.

36 Copa America organization, America’s Cup event (ACE, ultimately dependent company New Zealand team), Scheduled to resume the Cup final on February 26, delaying the start of the 36th Copa Amrica from March 6 to 13 in order to return to normal. Guarantee of public presence and greatest economic impact.

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The Luna Rosa rejected the organizers’ position and demanded that the agreed schedule be adhered to. The Italian team Enios team wants to finish the final against England as soon as possible because every day that passes without a match is the breath of the British and they can continue to improve the performance of their boat. In fact, Ben Einsley’s union issued a statement supporting the ACE’s decision. However, only Luna Rosa has the vote in the talks Record holder Or the first challenge, i.e. the first team to challenge the trophy defender and the team accepting the rules of the edition.

There were Italians Ready to pick up all technical and legal artillery, Argues that there is no reason to delay the race because the race announcement has established a protocol to compete behind closed doors. They also threatened to use Rule A2.3 (b) of Appendix A: “(…) the team with the highest score on the final date wins.” That is, if she fails to complete the schedule, Luna Rosa will become the winner of the Prada Cup.

But as the Govt-19 cases are under control, the Kiwi government on Thursday lowered the warning level, blocking the status of the US Cup. The fight between Luna Rosa and Inios team England starts again this Saturday (4:00 in Spain). With the 5th and 6th sleeve celebration, there will be minor restrictions on the land, i.e. it will not be possible to propose regattas in the village, the use of the mask and compliance to a distance of two meters or a ban on more than 100 meetings. People.

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It is now only available for air to appear on the race course within the limits established between 6.5 and 21 knots. Because any new postponement could trap Copa America again.