July 1, 2022

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The first ballot table for the primary has opened in New Zealand

The presidential election has already begun New Zealand. Due to time differences, the two polling stations established in Wellington and Auckland were the first sea country to open. A woman from the Puerto Montt area voted first.

It was then inaugurated by the Minister from the Headquarters of the Presidential Palace Foreign Relations (s) with Carolina Valdivia, Survey Board of Directors Chair Andres Tagley and Triselin Reporting Secretary Carmen Gloria Valladares.

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On occasion, they were contacted Consul Maria Alejandro Farias at the Auckland polling station with 826 people registered. The official pointed out that the process is developing naturally in the maritime country and does not require the use of masks or social space. He also called on Chileans to vote.

Process Voting for Chilean citizens abroad will take place at 169 tables set up in 111 countries, excluding Haiti. Dougley explained that this was not happening due to the difficult political situation in the Caribbean. Voting results outside Chile will be announced after 6:00 pm on Sunday, July 18.

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