April 13, 2024

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The first beta of iOS 17.5 is now available for download, with the changes once again focused on the App Store

The first beta of iOS 17.5 is now available for download, with the changes once again focused on the App Store

Apple continues to provide support and updates for iOS 17. In this case, They have released the first beta of iOS 17.5. This version is expected to contain significantly fewer changes than its predecessor, iOS 17.4, since then It was a historical version By allowing applications to be downloaded outside the App Store.

It should also be noted that iOS 17.5 is the first beta. The stable and public release is still iOS 17.4.1. To download this iOS 17.5 beta, you'll have to do this Accept beta updates on your iPhone You also signed up for the Apple Developer page.

The news that the first beta of iOS 17.5 brings

All news and changes in iOS 17.5 beta 1 We detail it in this article. Although we should already tell you that since this is a version of the system very close to the end of the iOS 17 cycle, the news is very rare.

iOS 17 5 beta

he The update weighs about 6 GB, so iOS 17 is fully downloaded. next to, Several exploits and security bugs have been fixedas detailed in the iOS 17.5 first beta release notes on Apple's developer page.

Apple will continue to comply with regulations EU Digital Markets The next step we will see in this beta 1 of iOS 17.5 will be Ability to download applications Without having to install an alternative app store.

This last point is the most important in this pilot, as the European Commission continues to investigate Apple. Even after the changes made in iOS 17.4. So, with iOS 17.5 We can download an application directly from a web pagewithout the need for parallel media.

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There's a new feature in iOS 17.5 beta 1 in the Podcasts widget. now The color of the widget adapts to the podcast you're listening to. Until now, it was always purple, and with this new change it adapts more to the content you're listening to.

Then we found a “bug” in the battery settings. Apple forgot to rename some of the button titles We find parts of the code in it. The functions are still usable, just the name is not what it should display.

What's new in the first beta of iOS 17.5What's new in the first beta of iOS 17.5

Space Meetings arrives for people with the first beta of VisionOS 1.2

Another interesting new feature coming to Apple Vision Pro is Space character. This is one of the features that has not arrived yet, and it arrives in the form of a beta in VisionOS 1.2. What do these people or spatial encounters consist of? As we already showed you at Applesfera, Apple Vision Pro is able to recreate an avatar with your appearance for FaceTime calls. This way, if you call, they'll be able to see you even if you're wearing your glasses.

Spatial personality Bring this to group meetings and applications. That's by saying, You can be with multiple people at the same time Collaborate on an app as if they were in the same room with you. Without everyone having to meet via FaceTime Or zoom.

How to install iOS 17.5 Beta 1?

If you love Try the first beta of iOS 17.5, you can do that. Whether you're a developer or not, you can sign up Developer program Exclusively for downloading beta versions on your iPhone. Doing this is very simple:

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  1. Go inside Developer.apple.com/ios And click on the download button.
  2. sign in with Your Apple ID and accept the terms And the conditions.
  3. go to Settings on your iPhone > Update Of software.
  4. Activate beta updates Developer.
Install iOS 17.5 betaInstall iOS 17.5 beta

that easy You can try iOS 17.5 beta 1 on your iPhone today. Please remember that after upgrading to the beta version, there are some risks of instability that you may encounter, e.g Shorter battery life or temporary lock From some application. However, the first beta of iOS 17.5 is mature enough that it doesn't have any really significant bugs.

Europe is not satisfied with the changes in iOS 17.4: they have opened an investigation that threatens the future of the App Store

The final version of iOS 17.5 is expected to be released in May

Following Apple's traditional cycle, the final version of iOS 17.5 is expected to be released at the end of May for sure During his last week. In this way, you will leave free space for WWDC and iOS 18, which will arrive next Monday, June 10.

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