April 19, 2024

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Blinken warns of a “decisive moment” for Ukraine

Blinken warns of a “decisive moment” for Ukraine

The deterioration of the Ukrainian army and society worries the Western bloc. he US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkenwarned this Tuesday in Paris about “A decisive moment” to Ukraine, at the beginning of a tour of Europe. “We are at a critical moment when it is absolutely necessary to provide Ukrainians with everything they need to defend themselves, in particular Ammo And the Air Defense“, the head of American diplomacy confirmed in statements to the press with the French Minister of Defense, Sebastian Lecornu. They both visited a factory near Versailles. Caesar howitzersthe most prominent contribution of French weapons to Kyiv.

Package from Military aid worth $60 billion As for Ukraine, the United States – the power that provides the greatest amount of support to the Ukrainian forces – is now faltering, due to the blockade imposed by the Republican majority in Congress. Faced with this situation, European governments are trying to take matters into their own hands by working together Increase military production. One of the goals of the February 26 summit in Paris, which was marked at the end by the controversial statements of the French President, was: Emmanuel Macronon He “does not rule out” sending forces from Western countries To Ukrainian territory.

Meeting with Macron at the Elysee

“It is essential that we continue to provide assistance to Ukraine so that it defends itself in the face of Russian aggression,” said Blinken, who began a short tour of Europe in the French capital, where he has not traveled since March 2022, a few weeks after Trump’s announcement. The beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. During a press conference held this afternoon with his French counterpart. Stefan Sigourneythe head of American diplomacy has expressed hope that the aid package for Kiev “It shall be approved as soon as possible, after Congress has passed it.” In Washington, which ends on April 9.

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After passing through Paris, Blinken will travel to Brussels on Wednesday, where he will participate in the summit 75th anniversary of NATO. Before that, he will meet on Tuesday evening at the Elysee with Macron, with whom he shares concerns about the current situation in Ukraine and the possible new attack by Russia. “Ukraine will be a member of NATOBut to do that we have to have a good road map.”

He also said that his country is working “day by day” to prevent the transfer of weapons to Russia from Iran, North Korea or China. This issue will be addressed during the NATO foreign ministers' meeting scheduled for Wednesday in Brussels. “It is a threat not only to Ukraine, but also to other countries,” he added. European security The American added in general.

Blinken and Sigourney met in Paris just one day after the French minister discussed in Beijing with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, who asked him “Sending a clear message” to Moscow to negotiate peace. The French President made the excuse during the press conference he held on Tuesday Ukrainian attacks in increasingly deep areas of Russian territory. For example, this happened Tuesday against an oil refinery in Tatstan (central Russia). He declared that “Ukraine is engaged in legitimate defense.”

Moreover, Sigourney announced this “It will propose sanctions against those who support misinformation And destabilize our country (France) and Europe.” He said this after referring to the March 22 attack on the outskirts of Moscow. Despite the “Islamic State of Khorasan” organization claiming responsibility, the Russian authorities continue to link the Ukrainian intelligence services to Westerners. With that massacre The terrorist attack, which claimed 137 lives and 182 injuries.

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“Fast and independent” investigation.

The war in Ukraine is the main theme of Blinken's tenure on the Old Continent. but The devastating conflict in Gaza – with nearly 33,000 Palestinians killed – also present. In meetings with French leaders, the war in Sudan and The chaotic situation in Haiti.

asked the head of American diplomacy “Fast and fair” investigation. About the death of seven workers in an Israeli bombing at World Central Kitchen, a non-governmental organization founded by Spanish chef José Andrés. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, admitted that their lives were lost due to “unintentional bombing.” By his forces. he The Hebrew state “must protect civilians more.” Blinken said: “Innocent people,” referring to the killing of these volunteers of Palestinian, American, Australian, British, Polish and Canadian nationalities.

Despite regret “Record number” of humanitarian workers killed In the Palestinian sector, the Foreign Minister defended the important shipment of North American weapons to Israel, “which must be able to defend itself.” His French counterpart did not strongly condemn this Israeli action either. He attributed the “danger” of the spread of conflict and “fire” in the Middle East to Iran and the Houthi rebels in Yemen. He stated this after being asked about the Israeli bombing the previous day against Iranian Consulate in Damascus. An attack in which 11 people were killed, seven of whom were members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.