January 17, 2022

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The first unexpected sit-in between the spouses of “Island of Fitnah”: “He is a coward.”

The first unexpected sit-in between the spouses of “Island of Fitnah”: “He is a coward.”

fourth edition of ‘The island of strife It leaves us with unreleased moments like the fire boy being interrupted by the contestant, as with Zoe in The Boys’ Final Flame, as well as with what was seen on the last show that aired on Wednesday. For the first time in history reality, the contestant stood in the face of his partner at the request of being seen in the fire of confrontation.

Sitting first in the fire of confrontation

The unfortunate heroes of this event were Gala and Niko, The latter is the one who refused her request to see each other’s faces after she saw in the last flames the positions she had during her experience in ‘The island of strifeThe contestant’s reaction was one of utter disbelief, which only added to her nervousness to discover whether she would eventually show up, ended with her decision to give up the experiment or not.

In the event Gala decides not to continue, Nico will be immediately expelled from the reality show, which ultimately did not happen. As a result of her anger, the contestant chose to continue her experiment inThe island of strife“, Despite his vengeful attitude towards what his partner just did. Upon arriving home, she informed her companions of what had happened, and considered it more positive than expected.

I’m so disappointed… I didn’t really count on this. It was an option out of my mind. But I will have a good time. “I want Nico to fear my loss,” Gala said at the stake.He is cowardly. I came here stronger than ever,” Gala admitted upon returning to the Girls’ Village, promising an even bolder stand after the disappointment caused by this Niko picket.

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