December 8, 2023

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The five times Paulina Rubio was in the news and it wasn’t because of her music

The five times Paulina Rubio was in the news and it wasn’t because of her music

It was last night when the singer sat down at El Musical de tu Vida and spoke about the origin of her supposed war with Thalia

We worship Paulina Rubio. Her blonde hair, overwhelming personality and exotic looks simply mesmerize us. Through it we will be able to fly “to China on a rocket,” as he says in his hit song “Roses and Toys.” Who hasn’t improvised choreography with their friends to the beat of “I’ll Do It for You” or “Not a Word”? Now, like the good singer that she is, the “golden girl”, she has more than once dominated international headlines and not specifically because of her songs. Pay attention, because these are his five most iconic moments.

Wrong channel

It was 2016 when the Mexican was invited to show her poise and strength on the stage of the Telehit Awards. If they usually misplace an artist when they mix up the name of the city they’re performing in, which makes perfect sense given their busy schedule, imagine what they could get up to if they switched to the wrong channel. This is what happened to Bao when he mentioned MTV instead of Telehit. Of course, he had his grace when it came to correcting: “I love you MTV!… It’s worthless, Telehit is the best!”.

Stay in the “reason”

This means “stay home” and brings to mind the 8pm clap, cake days and series of quarantine marathons. The pandemic era marked by masks, curfews and powerful Polina. She was one of the participants in the virtual event “One World: Together at Home” organized by the World Health Organization with the aim of raising awareness money In order to combat the Corona virus.

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The “Bella Casanova” singer unleashed all the reactions on social media during her live performance when she found it difficult to speak and perform very strange movements outside of the set, sparking speculation about the conditions she was in: “I join this cause, and I will remain on this cause.”He made the statement from his mansion in Miami. A situation she later laughed about on her Instagram profile.

The mermaid is in trouble

Let’s talk clearly. Whoever does not squeeze, let him throw the first stone. A quote that Rubio took literally. In October 2022, the “Viva La Vie” program broadcast several photos of the singer sitting on the beach. I could have looked for shells, yes, but maybe not. According to the program, he was getting his stomach done, and after this feat, he cleaned himself with some stones.

a Anu Show In “Shorian”

Try not to delete the supposed moment from your mind “defecate” Because it has a lot to do with what I’m about to tell you. In May this year, Pau went to “Showriano”, on Movistar+, and presented his latest song, “No es mi culpa”. At one point in the interview, she warns the interviewee that in her home “I already have a little piece of Spain,” referring to Andrea Nicolas, the son she shares with businessman Colati Vallejo Najera.

This statement shocked broadcaster Eva Soriano, who told her, “I thought you were taking a stone from Ted.” Caller’s joke about the scene at the beach? We don’t know, but Paulina seems to understand it that way because she gets up, turns her back on Soriano, and expresses her love for her. “Wipe my ass if you can, pussy.”.

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And now…among the ghosts…

Before stepping into the Movistar+ space, Pau starred in another bizarre moment in the film “And now Sonsoles”. Yes, his trips to Spain help him a lot. While chatting with Onega about her personal relationships with other artists, the eternal name Rocio Jurado came up, and Rubio admitted the following: “Rocio Jurado is my little sister. I was just talking to her because a bird arrived. I love her so much.”.

Were you kept under surveillance? Don’t worry, the whole country remains the same. “How did you talk to her?” Sonsoulis asked, on the verge of having a panic attack. The Golden Girl was pointing to the artist’s daughter: “Oh, I think he’s with his daughter Rocío. I’m talking about Rocio Carrasco“He answered and thus reassured the Antena 3 journalist.

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