June 25, 2022

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The food problem has reached the limit due to anti-Russian sanctions

“I do not describe them as unilateral sanctions as much as harassment of sanctions against our country,” a representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry told a news briefing on Wednesday.

Among the restrictions that accelerate the pace of the crisis in the sector, the violation of the payment system was mentioned; Obstacles in the logistics of transportation and supplies; closure of foreign ports to Russian shipments; – Preventing their ships from entering the ports of this country.

He added that the threat of mass arrests of dry cargo ships and the refusal to secure them is among the devastating repercussions of the sanctions policy. “All of this only disrupts the ability to export food and fertilizers to world markets,” he said.

In another part of her speech, Zakharova stated that her country’s response to the partial ban on Russian transit through Lithuania to Kaliningrad would be practical and being prepared by various ministries.

He explained that Lithuania and the European Union, through their diplomatic missions in this capital, have been informed that such measures are unacceptable and that the steps taken must be changed so that the situation returns to its legal and legitimate track.

He stressed that “if this does not happen, then of course, and this has been emphasized at all levels in Moscow, retaliatory measures will be inevitable,” explaining that such decisions will not be diplomatic, but practical.

Since June 18, Vilnius has suspended the transit of a group of goods subject to EU restrictions imposed on Russia between Kaliningrad and other regions of this country.

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The Kaliningrad region is the westernmost region of Russia, located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, between Lithuania and Poland, two member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, located within the community block.

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