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“The Ghost Woman” arrives at the San Martin Theater “an excessive and delirious comedy”

“The Ghost Woman” arrives at the San Martin Theater “an excessive and delirious comedy”

The Phantom Woman will be shown from June 13 to 23 in the Casacoberta Hall of the Teatro San Martin.

From June 13 to June 23, it will rise to Casacuberta room Subordinate San Martin Theater Ghost Womanpresented by the Catalan company T for theatre And Argentina Future Theater Companywritten and directed Mariano Tinconi Blanco. Released in September 2023 on Romea Theater in Barcelonain the Catalan version of Sergey Bulbulnow arrives in Buenos Aires to perform in Spanish for just ten shows before starting its international tour.

Ghost Woman It is presented as “an extravagant, delirious comedy, a deeply personal and profound drama that moves from the intimate to the political”, which is set in the late 1970s and presents four teachers living sad lives marked by the care of their parents and children, and the disappointments in love and everyday life that overwhelm them when they explode. What’s unusual: a ghost woman. This event will open a portal to another world: the world of the past and memory.

Musicians Ian Chevres and Lucia Gomez collaborate on ‘The Phantom Woman’

The show stars the company’s actresses T for theatre: Mammen dutch, Martha Perez, Carmen without And Rock agatewith audio commentary Elizabeth CasanovasAnd the presence of musicians on stage Ian Shivers On the piano and Lucia Gomez On the cello

The performances will be on Thursday, June 13 and Friday, June 14 at 8:30 p.m. And on Saturday, June 15 at 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm; And on Sunday, June 16 at 8:30 pm; Tuesday, June 18 and Wednesday, June 19 at 8:30 p.m.; On Saturday, June 22 at 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm, and on Sunday, June 23 at 8:30 pm. Ghost Woman Lasts 100 minutes. The price of the seats is $12,500

Both an over-the-top comedy and a visceral drama, “The Phantom Woman” moves from the intimate to the political.

T for theatre It was created in 1991 by five young actresses who had recently graduated from university Theater Institute From Barcelona. His first show, Little misogynistic stories (1991), won an award Barcelona Critics Award For the best theatrical show of the season. In 1994 they were released men!Of which they presented more than 850 performances. Creatures It premiered in Buenos Aires in April 1998, and months later in Barcelona and Madrid, and was a huge success among audiences and critics. Television comedies followed jet lagCreated with the director Sisc JayWhich consists of 81 episodes, broadcast over six seasons, and shows This is not life! (2003), fifteen (2006) and How could I love you so much? (2007), a thriller co-produced with National Theater of Catalonia. Later they arrived sensitive (2010), co-produced with Greek festival, Adventure! (2012), with text and direction Alfredo SanzolAnd Women like me (2014), a black comedy Bao Miro.

The play revolves around four teachers in the 1970s whose lives are changed by the appearance of a ghost woman.

Other offers offered by this unique Catalan company are Rewards and punishments (2015), dramaturgical and directed by the Argentine creator Ciro Zorzoli; EveDirected by Julio Manrique Co-written with Mark Artigao And Christina GenibatAnd Back home song (2019) Written and directed Dennis Despereaux. In 2021, on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary, T for theatre She returned to present one of her most symbolic performances, sensitivel Alfredo Sanzol.

The play will be available for only 10 performances in the Casacuberta Room of the Teatro San Martin

a company. Theater of the future It is a creative and production structure in which the playwright and theater director integrate Mariano Tinconi Blancomusician and composer Ian Shivers And the product Carolina Castro. Through proposals that focus on literature, music, and work on representation, she seeks to create new worlds based on the revolutionary power of the imagination. The company offered business for the first time the monster (2013), Tears (2014), future (2015), Lime Japan bonsai (2016), Walsh: All revolutions together (2017), Everything would make sense if death did not exist (2017), Astronauts (2018), The extraordinary life (2018), House filled with water (2021) and Prisoners (2021). His works have been exhibited in several cities in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Spain.

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* Casacoberta Room of the Teatro San Martin, in Avda Corrientes 1530, Capa

Photos: David Ruano (St. Martin’s Theater Press).