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The good guys in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to complete the story mission

The good guys in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to complete the story mission

Good men It is the fifteenth story mission Marvel Spider-Man 2. On this page of our complete guide to Spider-Man 2 to PlayStation 5 We tell you How to complete the task And All you have to do.

How to start the main Good Men mission in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

To start the good guys’ mission, just Head to the main quest marker in Greenwich as Peter once you’re done coward.

We go to the quest marker as Miles and automatically change into Peter when entering the hatch

Marvel Spider-Man 2: Good Guys

We start the mission by playing as Mary Jane. in the first place, Let’s go after the hunter and kill him.

We start the mission with the character Mary Jane

After that, we proceed along the only available path until We reach another room with another hunter, whom we get rid of. In this room We examine the computer and board with photos and notes about Connors. once again, We continue to move forward in the only way possible Until you pass the mini-tutorial of throwing rocks to make noise. We will get to the part where the hunter shoots at us and we have to hide. The idea is He grabbed him from behind to put him down.

We must catch the hunter from behind

When we do this, we leave the room and move forward until we reach another room Two fishermen. We use what we have learned (throwing stones to distract attention). Separate the hunters and shoot them separately. We keep moving forward until we find Connors mobile. After the sequence we will be in Large open area With two goals: to find Handcuff key And the Place symbol.

In this large open area we have two objectives

we First we went to the right side to avoid and/or shoot down the lone hunters. Remember: you have to separate them to eliminate them silently. In this room We interact with the notes on the table Until the hunter attacks us, after which we can freely explore the room.

Marvel spiderman 2 ps5 good guys mission story

we have to to sign up The following items: Notes with code name labelsa Blackboard with classificationa Fish poetry book And finally radio. Then we can interact with A Slate with camouflage net Above what he offers us Place symbol.

We get the tray code for this forum

When you leave, yes We go towards the target as close to the right as possible Possible, we’ll get to an area with some Generators We can activate it to eliminate all robotic enemies at once.

We activate these generators to eliminate robot enemies

I did this, We continue to move discreetly towards the second goal. In the same room there are three hunters: Eliminate them one by one One of these enemies is the one who has the key to the handcuffs.

One of the hunters has the key to the handcuffs

Now we must Get out and go to Connors’ cage to free him. As before: estimate, little by little, and avoid or eliminate lone hunters.

We leave to free Dr. Connors

Once we get to Connors, there will be a scene after that now We control Peter again. The goal is Eliminate all enemies.

We have to eliminate all poachers

When we kill everyone, there will be another scene, and once it’s over We will take control of MJ and we have to take Peter to a safe place.

MJ has to get Peter to safety

And after another series of sequences, Peter gains the symbiote’s powersAnd now We have to eliminate all enemies.

Peter gains the powers of the symbiote, and with them we destroy the Hunters

When we eliminate the last hunter, we will have completed the mission.

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