July 14, 2024

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The Govt-19 case at the airport the day after the “bubble” was introduced

The Govt-19 case at the airport the day after the “bubble” was introduced

An Auckland airport employee was checked in on Tuesday, April 20, the day after it was launched, which favored Govt-19.BubbleTravel with Australia, which should not be affected by this lawsuit of Govt-19. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Arden has pointed out that this should not have an impact.Bubble“, Both countries”Accepted that there are cases.

He also recalled during a press conference that systems have been put in place to manage this type of situation without taking closure measures. Jacinta Artern also clarified that the dirty employee was a maintenance worker.High riskPolluting.

In Australia, Health Minister Greg Hunt reiterated his presence.All hopeIn New Zealand’s ability to control the appearance of Govt-19 cases. Its first flights “BubbleThe long-awaited departure on Monday, April 19 by the citizens of these two neighboring countries took place after several months of negotiations. Families separated from the border closure nearly 400 days ago by the Govt-19 epidemic were thus able to find their loved ones or return to their home without being subjected to forced isolation on arrival.

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