June 16, 2024

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Threat. Kiwi war has been declared between China and New Zealand

This is against Goliath in the fruit and vegetable industry David: For years, Chinese manufacturers have been cultivating yellow meat kiwi illegally and on a large scale, which is especially popular among amateur people: the famous Sungold. What help did it do to its New Zealand inventors?

Kiwi: Now a small fruit that is ubiquitous in the markets, it weighs heavily on New Zealand’s trade balance. Next week, the country’s producers will have to decide on a strategy for the conflict that has provoked them for years against China. The reporter reports Guardian In Wellington : Open war or diplomatic solution.

It all started in the early 2010s. A new disease threatens to destroy half of New Zealand’s orchards. At the expense of high investment in research, the powerful producer co-op Jespri (with a turnover of over 2. 2.2 billion by 2020) has succeeded in selecting a resistance type with great promise. Suncold Kiwifruit – not just its brand name – has a tastier yellow flesh and a smoother skin than its competitors, but it is particularly productive. Thanks to him, the orchards take rebirth on earth from the long white cloud:

Jesper’s duck, which laid the golden eggs of Sungold, and the co-operative hastened to register its identity in countries around the world. Yellow Kiwifruit soon surpassed green in exports, and the sector was rebuilt thanks to Sungold. ”

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A conflict beyond the sector

But an investigation in 2016 revealed that Sungold Kiwifruit orchards in Sichuan were thriving illegally, where millions of seedlings were smuggled. The person in charge is a specific Hai Kao, a Chinese national

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