June 25, 2022

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The health sector unites to face the peak of respiratory diseases - Bogota

The health sector unites to face the peak of respiratory diseases – Bogota

The Minister of Health A meeting was held with the managers of more than 24 public and private IPS services in the city with the aim of coordinating actions and implementing additional strategies that allow decongestion in the city services Intensive care unit Pediatrics thus overcome the peak of acute respiratory infection facing Bogota.

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The entity asked the Prison Service to further expand the services of intensive care units and hospitalization, with the aim of improving care times for minors.

“At the moment, we are constantly monitoring the demands of the intensive care unit and organizing them (…) Together, we must find agile solutions for the benefit of our children”The Minister of Health, Alejandro Gomez, explained.

The meeting was held with representatives of San Ignacio Hospital, Country Clinic, Santa Laura Clinic, San Rafael Clinic, Roosevelt Institute, IBS Ferry Solís, Chaillo Clinic, Santa Fe Foundation, Los Cobos Medical Center, Santa Maria del Lago Clinic, Colsanitas, Fundación Cardioinfantil and the four integrated sub-networks of health services.

The entity suggested that clinics and hospitals in Bogota Enabling 28 new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit beds and expanding hospitalization for children, even while using other infrastructures.

“We must work on a strategy so that when boys and girls return to educational institutions from vacation, we can promote self-care such as the use of face masks in children who show symptoms and frequent hand washing,” said the director of San Ignacio Hospital. , Julio Cesar Castellanos.

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