August 19, 2022

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The Hungarian Foreign Ministry summons the Ukrainian ambassador for Kiev's reaction to the agreement with Gazprom

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry summons the Ukrainian ambassador for Kiev’s reaction to the agreement with Gazprom

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Moscow (Sputnik) – The Hungarian Foreign Ministry summoned the Ukrainian ambassador over Kiev’s position on the gas supply agreement signed between Hungary and Russia’s Gazprom.

“Today (Tuesday) we summoned the Ukrainian ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to protest the attempted violation of our sovereignty,” Hungarian Foreign Minister Szyjjarto Peter wrote on his Facebook page.

The Hungarian foreign minister also denounced the attempt to interfere in Hungary’s internal affairs and described Ukraine’s actions that could impede gas supplies and thus “heat the homes of the Hungarian people and run industry.”

He said Ukraine’s behavior was hostile despite all the help Hungary had given the Slavic state.

On September 27, Gazprom, Hungary they signed A contract for the supply of gas until the end of 2036, which Kiev promised to denounce the European Commission.
Logo of Russia's Gazprom - Sputnik World, 1920, 09.27.2021

Budapest describes Kiev’s reaction to the Gazprom agreement as interference in its internal affairs

Under the agreement, Hungary will receive 3.5 billion cubic meters of gas through Serbia and one billion cubic meters from Austria. The contract will enter into force on October 1.

Relations between Ukraine and Hungary worsened after the approval in September 2017 of Ukrainian law limiting the use of ethnic minority languages.

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The new regulations make the teaching of subjects in the Ukrainian language compulsory in all schools starting from the fifth year of primary school. Hungary, Romania and other countries have denounced that Ukrainian regulations infringe on the rights of minorities.