August 19, 2022

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The KEXP Argentina lineup is here!

This will be the first time that KEXP Live broadcasts remotely in a South American country and shows include Nikki Nicole and Pandalos Chinos.

The radio station based in Seattle, KEXPIts mission throughout its years on air has been to discover artists and bands with huge future potential, and the way this station promotes projects is with recording live sessions. It was announced earlier this year KEXP He will arrive in Argentina and will have a week of live performances, but no one knows which artists will be included until today, when the full program was announced.

The KEXP direct from Argentina It will be held from September 19 to 23 and some work will be carried out by Nikki NicoleAnd the Chinese PandalosAnd the Joanna Molina s my indomitable friendalthough other interesting numbers would be like The exesAnd the RailroadAnd the the end of the worldAnd the Lucy Battan s Sarah hip. You can tune in to all of these and other sessions through 90.3 in Seattle, or if you are outside that entity, you can do so from, in the station’s official app or through the YouTube channel of KEXP.

This event arises from the cooperation between the Ministry of Culture of Argentina and Kirchner Cultural CenterWhere live sessions will be held. Regarding the selection of artists KEXP direct from Argentina se publicó lo siguiente a en un comunicado: “La programación se centra en músicos argentinos que actúan en una amplia gamma de géneros, comparten su música con una audiencia global de millones en YouTube y una audiencia de transmisión del ení p world.” Below we leave you the links available for you to adjust each of the works KEXP LOVE FROM ARGENTINA.


KEXP.orgAnd the KEXP YouTubeKEXP app for Android and for iOS.