August 8, 2022

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The King of Fighters 15 will get a free Omega Rugal on April 14

The King of Fighters 15 will get a free Omega Rugal on April 14

SNK announced the release of fighter about The fifteenth king of fighters Arriving on April 14th: Omega Rugal. This time it’s not part of the season pass but it is Completely free DLC for all players. The fifteenth king of fighters It’s for sale on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and PC.

“Omega Rogal, whom we met in the past as one of the most powerful bosses in the world The King of Fighters 95Join a team of fighters The fifteenth king of fighters. This death dealer who once ruled the world’s black market, has never been afraid to take on any fighter who challenges him. Thanks to Orochi’s strength, he came back to life, until a group of fierce fighters ended his rule. Now, thanks to the influence of the verse, there has been a failure of the space-time continuity and the emergence of characters believed to have disappeared. in this way, The Omega Rural is back among the living for revengeSNK says.

Along with the launch of Omega Rugal comes New game mode called “BOSS CHALLENGE”. Players can defeat the fearsome Omega Rogal and access various content such as his special outfit, Ω Armor cosmetics, a new stage, and a new song.

New additions to KOF XV

If we add Team Garou (three characters), Omega Rugal (releasing on April 14th) and the three teams to be released this year (with three characters each), we’ll have a total of 13 characters that will be added to The fifteenth king of fighters as downloadable content for the foreseeable future. The first game with 39 playable characters and Soon, up to 52 fighters are available.

KOF 15 adds free downloadable Omega Rugal content

The fifteenth king of fighters It launched on February 17th and the Deluxe Edition contains Team Pass 1, but each Team Pass and each team can also be obtained separately.

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