July 5, 2022

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The line ends, the brave close

The line ends, the brave close

CHICAGO – The Chicago Cubs beat the Atlanta Braves 1-0 on Friday, after 14 consecutive games and became the first team in 23 years to end a 10-game losing streak with at least 10 more wins.

With his sacrifice in the eighth inning, starter Christober Morell helped the Cubs clinch their 10-game losing streak, their longest since 12 losses from August 5-16.

The Braves’ 14-game winning streak was their longest running streak since their post-1900 record with 15 consecutive wins, from April 16 to May 2, 2000.

Murrell led in the only round of the match against loyalist AJ Minter after hitting his first three strokes. He got a recommendation from Venezuelan angler Wilson Contreras.

“It helped me focus on what to do with this southern complex,” Morell said. “Wilson spoke to me and said, ‘Don’t look low and over the board, look high.'”

No pair of double-digit streaks have finished in the same game since Philadelphia’s victory over Houston on September 15, 1999. On that date, the Phillies sealed their 11-game losing streak and the Brewers saw a 12-win streak cut.

Chicago has not led 1-0 since its victory over Cincinnati on May 28 last year. The Braves lost 1-0 for the second time this year after losing to Milwaukee on May 16.

Minter (2-1) Jonathan Villar walked ahead of the eighth inning. Villar advanced to second in the Andreton Simmons Sacrifice fly, and stole third at Minter Wild on the grounds off Murrell when he was up 2-1.

The Chicago players wore unusual dark blue shirts and pants with light blue lettering. Chris Martin (1-0) provided the perfect eighth game for his first win with the Cubs.

For the Cubs, Dominican Cristober Morell 3-0, one shine and Jonathan Villar 0-0, one record. Venezuelan Wilson Contreras 4-1. Brazilian Yan Gomez 3-0.

On the brave, Venezuela’s Ronald Acuña Jr. 4-1 and Orlando Arcia 4-1. Dominican Marcel Ozona 3-0.