May 17, 2022

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The man who murdered a Colombian woman in New Zealand has been arrested

The man accused of murdering a Colombian woman in New Zealand has appeared at the first trial

Juliana Ponila from Colombia was killed in New Zealand

In recent hours, the killer of Colombian Juliana Bonila has died violently while at his home on Grove Road in Addington, New Zealand. Now, after he was caught, after the first reports, the alleged female murder has already appeared before a judge at the first hearing. According to local newspapers, the man passed the legal affidavit before Judge Tony Couch of Christchurch District Court.

New Zealand Media Stuff explained that a temporary name repression had been granted in the matter and that no bail application or criminal petition had been filed. James Rowley, the defense attorney for the case, demanded that the name be withheld under different arguments, mainly to contact the person’s family. The judge granted the request. The suspect is scheduled to appear in Christchurch High Court on February 18.

So far, as far as is known, police have not investigated anyone else for the crime of the Colombian murder. This was confirmed by Detective Investigator Scott Anderson. At this point, the expert stressed that the autopsy had already been carried out and that “the results would help clarify the guilt.”

As mentioned above, it is important to remember that Juliana was found in her home at 10pm last Saturday night. His body was found lifeless, with stab wounds. The man suspected of the crime was arrested last Tuesday. The 35-year-old man has been charged with murder, according to Stuff, a leading newspaper in Christchurch, the city where Juliana Bonilla lived. The subject, apparently, was the woman’s next door neighbor.

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Juliana’s murder is discovered because nothing is known about her after her friends notice Juliana’s absence. They had met with Bonilla that Saturday, however, and he never came. He has lived in New Zealand for 10 years. According to the testimony of residents in the area, local media reported that unusual details were found in the Colombian’s home on the day of the murder. The victim’s friend, Oriana Perkinson, said her relatives had been trying to locate her since morning, but it was not possible.

The woman had planned to meet her friends for a walk that Saturday, but they did not go, so they went home to see what was going on. The lights were on at Juliana’s house, and her car was in the parking lot. So nervous they decided to call the police. Juliana, a Venezuelan citizen, has known Juliana since 2011. El Timbo confirmed that Juliana is a multimedia engineer at the Military University and wants to do various physical activities such as cycling and walking. He also enjoyed taking photos.

The same newspaper, for its part, illustrates that investigations are trying to find out whether the movements registered on the Facebook account in the Colombian name were made by her or not. According to the media, the woman is from Meta.

“Juliana’s relatives in Colombia have been notified and New Zealand police and victims are being supported,” the document said, referring to the tragic incident. Similarly, they sent condolences to “Juliana’s loved ones in New Zealand and Colombia at this sad time.

See also  The man who murdered a Colombian woman in New Zealand has been arrested

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