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Thursday January 27 2022 (08:00 GMT)

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Ukraine crisis


Russia – Moscow – Russia will evaluate today, Thursday, the written responses it received from the United States and NATO to the security guarantees it requires to stop the expansion of NATO to the east and prevent the placement of offensive weapons near its borders.

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The United States – Washington – The United States is waiting for Russia’s reaction to its message about the security guarantees demanded by Moscow before taking next steps regarding the crisis in Ukraine due to the concentration of Russian forces on its borders.

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CHINA – BEIJING – China on Thursday criticized the “expansionist” policy of the United States over the crisis in Ukraine and warned that in order to resolve the conflict, Washington must “address Russia’s legitimate concerns.”

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MOLDOVA – BUCHAREST – The former Soviet Republic of Moldova is anxiously and helplessly witnessing the prospect of a Russian invasion of neighboring Ukraine, with which it shares its longest border, fearing that this would lead to the explosion of the Transnistrian Fund. Written by Marcel Gascon

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UNITED GOVERNMENT – LONDON – The United Kingdom is awaiting the imminent publication in London of a report by high-ranking official Sue Gray to determine whether the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was aware of or authorized social parties and gatherings in Downing Street despite the restrictions imposed. .

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Honduran Investedura – Tegucigalpa – With the support of authorities from various countries, left-wing leaders from Latin America and in the midst of political turmoil resulting from the parliament’s constitution, Xiumara Castro takes over the presidency of Honduras on Thursday, thus becoming the first female president of Honduras. A country, in a country mired in a serious economic crisis, has been plagued by corruption and drug smuggling.

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Italian Presidency – Rome – Political parties in Italy continue, Thursday, to elect the President of the Republic in Rome, despite reducing the quorum today in the fourth vote, where 505 votes are required instead of 673 of the first three. You can pave the way for finding a candidate that everyone loves.

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North Korean Missiles – Seoul – North Korea today retested two short-range ballistic missiles, its sixth test of its weapons so far this year and comes after the United States called for increased pressure on the isolated regime.


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Economy of the United States of America – Washington – The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) publishes data on the gross domestic product in the United States for the fourth and final quarter of 2021, after the previous quarter in which the US economy grew on an annual basis of 2.3%.

Holocaust Day – BRUSSELS – Margot Friedländer, the only survivor of her family in the concentration camps when she was in her twenties, participates on Thursday at the European Parliament in Brussels for the celebration of World Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Poverty of Latin America – Santiago de Chile – The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) publishes its annual Social Panorama for Latin America 2021 report, examining the social impact of the crisis caused by the pandemic and providing the latest statistics regarding poverty, inequality and social spending in the region.

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Portuguese elections

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Campaign – Lisbon – Candidates in Portugal’s legislative elections, which will be held next Sunday, are rushing into the final hours of the election campaign to try to win votes in the context of uncertainty over the results.


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Economy – Lisbon – Portugal left behind a brutal crisis when the Socialists came to power in 2015 with an economic “miracle”, a model increasingly called into question, especially after the pandemic exposed problems such as an over-reliance on tourism or the fragility of public services.


PACTS – LISBON – After overcoming poor electoral results and internal disagreements, “survivor” Roy Rio has gone from being little more than the subject of questioning as the leader of Portugal’s PSD to giving hope of an election victory for the right that seemed almost impossible months ago.



DALÍ FREUD – VIENNA – Titled “Dali-Freud: Obsession”, the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna from today presents paintings, photographs, writings and sculptures, which examine the influence of the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, on the creativity of Salvador Dali. by Marina Serra


Hay Festival – Cartagena (Colombia) – The 17th Hay Festival in Cartagena de Indias kicks off Thursday in Cartagena with a day dedicated to literature featuring Nicaraguan writers Sergio Ramirez and Rodrigo García Barcha, who talks with Juan Gabriel Vázquez about his book “Gabo and Mercedes: Farewell”.

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PERU SPILL – Ancón (Peru) – Every morning, hundreds of years ago, the fishing village of Ancón was filled with boats, nets and fish, but now it only shows the desperation and anger of the fishermen who lost almost everything after the great. Environmental disaster caused by oil spill in northern Lima. By Paula Bairtey

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KLIMT KISS – VIENNA – “The Kiss”, Gustav Klimt’s masterpiece, has been dismembered. 10,000 unique and exclusive digital objects, called “Non-Consumable Tokens” (NFT), that the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna is up for sale in a showcase between art, finance and collectible. By Antonio Sanchez Solis




MEXICO PRENSA – MEXICO CITY – The “bloodbath” experienced by Mexican journalists at the beginning of the year is something so far “not noticed with such intensity,” he denounced Thursday in an interview with the country’s correspondents’ representative, Effie. Boundless, Balpina Flores. Written by Pedro Pablo Cortes

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