January 28, 2022

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Qualcomm: La situación del mercado mejorará en 2022

The market situation will improve in 2022

The lack of chips, undoubtedly The biggest problem facing the technology industry today. And Qualcomm, as one of the main companies in this sector, is not only one of those directly affected (remember that it does not produce its own chips), but also one of those with a particularly distinct perspective in the sector. Thus, any evaluation you can make on it should be received with great interest, especially at a time as complex as the current one.

as we can Leather and TheElectCristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm, You are already seeing some improvement in the market, and expect more progress in this regard for the next year. Thus, the situation for 2022, always in his opinion, should be much better than what happened in 2020, and also better than 2021. Now, unlike some other opinions that we were able to hear, which are emphasized. That 2022 will be the year of full recovery, Amon has not reached that point.

As I mentioned a few months ago, when Jensen Huang made a similar prediction when talking about Limited supply in 2022, we must bear in mind that We are talking about a market in which we always do a lot of planning, so we can conclude that top managers of companies like NVIDIA and Qualcomm already have enough information about what levels of chip production they will be able to count on next year. In other words, if this came from other people, then it can be considered a prediction, but in this case it would be more correct to call it a warning.

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The “instant” answer to this problem, and I attach the immediate answer because it’s actually not something that can be done from day to day, it’s Starting new factories Technology companies with chip production capacity can meet the demand of other technology companies such as Qualcomm or AMD, as well as many other sectors where electronics has become essential (such as the motor) and which are already showing the current inability to meet total demand seriously.

This has led to more striking situations, such as seeing an Asian company, Samsung will set up a new chip factory in the United StatesAt the same time, the US authorities strongly oppose it Intel can increase its production volume in China. the speed with which these new production plants can be deployed, The short and medium term depends on many sectors Especially Qualcomm’s ability to bring new integrators to market contributes to the development of many, many other industries.