July 5, 2022

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Microlino eléctrico versiones

The mini city car will provide up to 230 kilometers of autonomy

Microlino electric deliveries will begin in a few weeks in Europe, so new data has been revealed.



small car Microline 2.0, which revives the history of the BMW Isetta 1953, has a new electric version already in production and deliveries will begin soon. It was known that they would be Three versions Available for a maximum of 230 km.

The three announced trim levels apart from Pioneer Series Edition, which will be the launch version with some exclusive features. This includes technical modifications such as reinforcements to the chassis and improve the performance.

Once all the units of the electric Microlino 1st Edition are delivered, it’s hardly a small car2.5 meters longin three versions including Batteries of different capacities And some unique design elements in each element.

Microline Electric Versions

Microlino electric versions: in detail

The names of the new versions will be: Urban, competition and Dolce. The base model (Urban) can only be equipped with a 6 kWh battery that allows for extended range Autonomy 91 km. As standard it is offered as a two-tone body.

In the case of Microlino Competizione, it can be configured with 10.5 or 14 kWh batterywhich translates into ranges of autonomy that reach 177 and 230 km Straight. Aesthetically it is distinguished by its matte color options and a fabric ceiling.

For its part, Dolc . versionMail more diversified It is allowed to adapt any of the available batteries. Regardless of its capacity, the system is supplemented by an electric motor 17 hp The maximum speed is 90 km.

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The Microlino Dolce will have a more retro look, with a sliding fabric roof and five different colors to paint its exterior. This is the competition Will sell this yearThe Urban package will only be available until the second quarter of 2023.

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Jessica Paula Vera Garcia.