June 16, 2024

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The minimum wage increases again, even the tax on the rich

Jacintha Artern, Prime Minister of New Zealand. – Nick Perry / AP / SIPA

Ann New Zealand The government has fixed two levels: those
Minimum wage And the tax rate of the rich. Steps to be taken, according to Prime Minister Jacinta Artern.

In fact, they were part of the election promises Labor Party. But above all, the New Zealand media reports that these actions “represent real and long-awaited improvements in the support we provide to our most vulnerable.” Curiosity Provided by CNews.

175,000 people have been affected

The Salary Therefore, as of April 1, the minimum will be $ 18.90 to $ 20. The increase is expected to benefit nearly 175,000 New Zealanders. On top of that, the Prime Minister said a second increase would come in 2022.

“You can’t see a year where Labor governments have not changed the minimum wage,” he said Jacintha Artern. “If you do not see a change in the minimum wage, it will be a change. In fact, Labor has increased the minimum wage every year since it took office in 2017.

“There’s still a lot to do”

At the same time, the tax rate for people earning more than $ 180,000 (approximately 7 107,000) will be reduced to 39%. This increase affects 2% of New Zealand’s population.

Jacinta Artern does not want to stop there. “There is still a lot to be done, including building more housing, improving our healthcare system, investing in education, training and jobs,” said his second term as prime minister.

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