June 12, 2024

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Una aplicación móvil utilizará la realidad aumentada para mejorar la experiencia de asistencia remota

The mobile application will use augmented reality to improve the remote assistance experience

Video calls with experts who show you the necessary instructions to implement them on the mobile screen itself. This is the main functionality of the application, developed by UPCT Telematics engineering student Alvaro Hernandez for the Final Degree Project (TFG), which Allow video call Between the technician and the user, but in addition to being able to give classic instructions such as voice and text, the technician will be able to implement 3D annotations in the user’s environment, such as 3D arrows and fonts.

Drawing on his own experience helping his grandfather remotely, Hernandez developed an app to help inexperienced users. “With a video call, the technician sees what the user sees, so they can make claims and annotations About the environment to help the user,” points out the student, who has It is a video clip Situations where the app is useful, such as a vehicle or device crash.

Professor Fernando Lucilla Lopez studied the work of “Developing an Augmented Reality Remote Assistance Application”. Developed using techniques Unity, AR Foundation, and WebRTC. Although it was initially developed for Android, the libraries and technologies used are also compatible with iOS.

The graduate’s goal now is to revise the design of the application “to make it more friendly and closer” and to be able to Facilitate its use by companies and users.

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