December 4, 2021

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The movement against the President of Peru could be a smokescreen - Escambrai

The movement against the President of Peru could be a smokescreen – Escambrai

This was considered by the progressive leader Veronica Mendoza, who advocated the defense of stability, recalling that the country had four presidents in three years.

The leader of Peru’s new co-ruling party has denounced the coup efforts of three far-right parties. (Photo: PL)

Progressive leader Veronica Mendoza asserted that the coup and anti-democratic attempt to oust Peruvian President Pedro Castillo has among its elements debts to justice and the treasury.

Joint ruling party leader Nuevo Peru denounced the coup efforts of three far-right parties, Fuerza Popular (FP), Renovación Popular (RP) and Avanza País and called to defend stability, recalling that the country has had four presidents in three years.

He also denounced that parties promoting the impeachment of the president likely do so because they have leaders who have problems with the law or who have debts due to unpaid taxes.

He said that “vacancies can be a smokescreen” to hide those problems.

Mendoza, without mentioning her name, alluded to Keiko Fujimori, for whom the prosecutor requested a 30-year prison sentence for money laundering and other crimes, and to Lopez Aliaga, who has a debt equivalent to nearly eight million dollars with the tax collection agency.

He noted that the aforementioned parties had generated chaos, violence and uncertainty and thus practically hijacked the country, claiming without evidence any fraud in the ballot which was won by Castillo of Fujimori on June 6.

“From the first day of the Castillo government they started talking about the vacancy and now they are raising the issue in Parliament with a great deal of irresponsibility because they know very well that they do not have the votes let alone the support of the people,” she said. “It is enough to play with democracy, with the expectation of a people that all they want is for their powers to start working,” he said.

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Mendoza noted that the right-wing forces are paving the way for a vacancy in reality as well, because weeks ago they managed to approve in Congress an unconstitutional amendment to the Magna Carta to reduce the possibility of the president raising the issue of confidence and breaching the balance of power. powers.

The constitutional demand for confidence in the cabinet entails the power to dissolve parliament if it is to be denied that it is contained in the constitution as a counterweight to the possibility of the legislature vacating the president for the vague and arbitrary cause of “permanent moral impotence.” . “