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The municipality plans to create a new website focusing on mental health

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In an effort to meet the mental health needs of its citizens, the Secretariat of Human Development of the Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy is creating a website dedicated to this important aspect of human well-being.

In this regard, the city’s mayor, Raul “Chuli” Jorge, highlighted the importance of this initiative, saying: “We would like to specify that the municipality is not only limited to lighting, sweeping and cleaning, but also understanding that there are thousands and thousands of neighbors who need support, and ways to “Fighting many of the ills that society suffers from today, mental health has a very important place, requires a current state, which we understand, a municipality that is very close to the people and their families must bear their problems.”

On the other hand, he congratulated the Human Development team responsible for the initiative, noting that “the new platform, developed by an experienced group from the Human Development Secretariat, seeks to provide support and resources to address issues related to the situation, suffering and problems of thousands of Jujeños.

In turn, Minister of Human Development Rodrigo Altea explained, “We are working to provide a digital space to work on the happiness of neighbors and the full development of people according to their self-determination, through municipal teams, providing the necessary tools for a better life for every individual.”

Finally, Altea highlighted that one of the advantages of this new platform is its accessibility, as it allows users to carry out their activities in a moment of intimacy and privacy, through usual means of communication such as phones and computers.

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