May 20, 2024

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The new trend to replace shower screen and save time on cleaning

The new trend to replace shower screen and save time on cleaning

There is nothing more common in the bathroom than a Shower with screen. This essential item, which solves problems of stains or puddles that other things, like shower curtains, fail to cover, has become a necessity in many homes. Its simplicity and elegance means that many people choose this option for the benefit of others.

There are some that are transparent and semi-transparent, with subtle decorations such as lines or colored areas, or others with more cheerful decorations. Monitors offer a range of capabilities that have made them a favorite for many.

But not all things are positive, nor do they have favorable points that reduce their effectiveness. Screens provide an almost enclosed space When we go to shower, we leave only the upper part exposed, or even not. This causes moisture to appear on the bathroom walls over time, because they insulate more than other materials, such as curtains.

To this we must add the lime stains on the screen glass, which are more or less depending on the type of water, soap, or shampoo that may appear on the glass. And this is it Screens look aesthetically pleasing when clean, but they require almost daily care If you want them to look like new.

From home remedies to traditional cleaners or new formulas, there are many tricks you can use to keep your screen in perfect condition, some simpler than others. One of the clearest examples of this is the cleaning secret that the influential personality “La Ordenatriz” revealed through her Instagram account.

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But in addition to these cleaning tips, there is another way to eliminate the need to clean every week, which is, straight up, no Screen mode. It may seem crazy, but new trends in decorating this space in the home point in this direction.

Best replacement for bathroom screen

To avoid having to clean the screen, it is best not to have a live screen. The latest interior design trends aim to leave aside the two glass doors and opt for simplicity.

the Separating walls They are a favorite of those people who have chosen to renovate their bathrooms recently. In this way, the same bathroom design is used, playing with the brick wall and shower tray space and avoiding stains. If you prefer to sacrifice coverage and access to light, the option is half-walls, although you must be careful not to splash excessively and leave the bathroom flooded.

Other alternatives offered are dividers that perform the same function as a wall, however It prevents us from getting into big business. With the partition you can play more with the design compared to brick walls and give a minimalist look to the bathroom, although its resistance over time is worse.