July 2, 2022

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The new version of The Last of Us will arrive this year, according to a report

The new version of The Last of Us will arrive this year, according to a report

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(Pocket-lint) An interesting rumor has been circulating for about a year now that Naughty Dog is working on a remake for playstation 5 From the original The Last of Us.

Apparently, the game will update the first title in the engine that Part Two uses, and it will be a much bigger update than the Remastered version released for PS4 a few years ago.

Now, according to Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat, who sits at the more reliable end of the scale when it comes to leaked information, the game should be in late 2022.

It seems that the new version was started on an outsourcing basis, before Naughty Dog took over development after work on the second part of The Last of Us was completed, which makes sense.

Now, we’ve come to a point where almost all leakers are referring to the Remaster’s release date which falls later in the year.

What is clear at this point is how much the first game can be reimagined. While Naughty Dog may only be planning a visual update without any changes to gameplay or speed, it’s entirely possible that there will be more substantial differences when it’s released.

At this time, it is also unknown when we will have official news about the project or confirmation that it can definitely be expected.

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Written by Max Freeman Mills.