August 8, 2022

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The party overshadowed by Will Smith's aggression increased its audience by 58% after last year's record low

The party overshadowed by Will Smith’s aggression increased its audience by 58% after last year’s record low

The Oscars 2022 It attracted 16.6 million viewers on Sunday, up 58% from last year’s record of 10.5 million viewersAs mentioned diverse with data from Live + Nielsen, which includes viewing outside of home televisions. The 94th Academy Awards had an average of 3.8 in the major adult demographic category 18-49, 73% more than 2021 transmission.

The slap that revived the Oscars

While the growth is impressive, it remains the second-worst ratings and performance recorded in Oscar history. It was the first party with presenters since 2018, the highest-rated prime-time entertainment special of any network in two years, and the previous one was ABC’s rebroadcast of the Academy Awards on February 9, 2020. Viewership rose at three notable 15-minute points during the show. : when she was a starkudaTroy Kotsur won As Best Supporting ActorAnd the Will Smith slaps Chris Rock and Smith Best Actor Award acceptance speech.

In terms of social media performance, 94th Academy Awards Ceremony It pushed 22.7 million total social interactions, up 139% from last year’s trajectory (9.5 million) to become The Oscars TV channel has the highest number of social media responses recorded so far. The award show saw 16 million video views on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


The Oscars show took an unexpected turn When host Chris Rock told a joke about Jada Pinkett Smithand nominee for Best Actor, Since then the winnerWill Smith took to the stage and slapped Rock in the face, for being negative publicity that attracted comments on the networks and revitalized viewing with suspense to see what would happen at the Oscar for Best Actor, a category in which Will Smith started as the undisputed favourite. still hanging What will happen to his Oscar?.

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