May 27, 2022

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Médicos del hospital regional de alta especialidad Doctor Juan Graham Casasús, en Villahermosa, atienden a un paciente de covid-19.

La Jornada – Health workers demonstrate in Tabasco; Contract renewal request

Villahermosa, tab. More than 100 workers on the verge of being fired from the Department of Health, after working during the strongest phase of the COVID-19 outbreak, protested Wednesday in front of the state Congress to denounce their unwillingness to renew their contracts.

And the so-called “Covid heroes”, including stretcher carriers, chemists, doctors and nurses, are calling in their demonstration to return to their work, considering it a “despicable injustice” who were fired after risking their lives for months.

Alejandro Pérez, a stretcher carrier and one of the opponents, accused that it is precisely on March 31 that the work contract ends, and they have already been notified that they will not be hired again, and therefore this decision will harm more than 100 workers.

He warned that another 600 colleagues whose contract will expire next June will also be sent to the streets.

The Ministry of Health says there is no money and this, he said, surprised them because they know that President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced that all those who worked on the epidemic would be relocated and relocated.

Other workers commented to the press that they called them “heroes” because they faced COVID-19 “working for the health of the citizens, but now they are kicking us out and taking us to the streets, which doesn’t seem fair to us.”

In another protest, organized in the Plaza de Armas, former workers of the Tabasco government stood displaying plaques and placards to demand payment of work bonuses. They explained that the total number of files presented to the authorities is 32, representing about 300 workers who are requesting their liquidation in accordance with the law.

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