December 3, 2021

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The penguin traveled 3,000 kilometers from the South Pole to New Zealand

The penguin traveled 3,000 kilometers from the South Pole to New Zealand

An interesting and indescribable scene took place on one of New Zealand’s beaches: A penguin came a long way from Antarctica and came to the country.

Of the animal Adelia species Found in Playa de Birdlings Flat Since this species lives only at the South Pole of the planet, it has aroused interest among the population.

According to experts, the penguin had to travel about 3,000 kilometers to reach New Zealand, which was spotted by a couple traveling in the area.

The video was recorded by Harry Singh of Christchurch, who can now be seen reaching the landscape of that little animal that travels around the world.

“At first I thought it was a soft toy. Suddenly the penguin shook his head and realized it was realSingh said BBC.

In the video The bird is visible from the fatigue caused by its long journey, As he sat for a while towards the sea, the locals were watching that he was not preyed upon by some hunters.

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An expert at the Penguin Rehabilitation Center in Christchurch said, “Despite a little hunger and dehydration, it was not really that bad. So, we gave her fluid and a fish shake”.

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Although the authorities considered the possibility of taking him to Antarctica on a military plane, they chose to leave the banks of the Peninsula for his return.

How did you get to New Zealand?

It is believed that the fish migrated to the north and came to the country in search of the ‘Pinku’ food called by the locals.