May 22, 2022

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“The Power of Love”: This is how the premiere of the second season of “The Reality” kicked off |  TV |  entertainment

“The Power of Love”: This is how the premiere of the second season of “The Reality” kicked off | TV | entertainment

Wearing a red dress, the new host of the second season of The power of loveAnd Penelope Menchaca. The reality show It premiered on Monday, April 11, at Aquavisa.

Very excited, she welcomed the viewers whom she also invited to participate. With a very short introduction to reality showhe started introducing 18 participants as happened in the first season, but in terms of Puerto Rico Vanessa Claudius.

Through social networking sites, followers of the program mentioned Claudio’s absence, but also mentioned a good omen for the Mexican.

Menchaca called to go to the girls’ house My son Doron, 23 years old, from Honduras. She is a model and driver.

they followed:

Caroline wheels (29) from Bolivia. She is an actress, comedian, and content creator.

Karina Lynette (23) from Panama. She is a broadcaster and an athlete.

Melissa Borras (32) from Colombia. She is a model and content creator.

Lisbeth Cordero (24) from Puerto Rico. It is an introduction and a model.

Figuero (25) from Puerto Rico. She is a model and athlete.

Daniela Jimenez, “Cat Girl” (31 years old), from Colombia. She is a model and designer.

Natalie Carvajal (32) from Ecuador. The Ecuadorean said she has a 13-year-old daughter who is the most important person in her life and therefore it is essential that her future partner, among other cases, not be addicted. In addition, she realizes that she is a mother before she was a woman.

The question Menchaca asked Carvajal and will be answered in due course was: What do you think of a woman with children?

For this first program it was not Alexandra Rocha (24) from Bolivia. She is a lawyer and actress.

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The boys entered

In the boys house The first to enter was Joss Lyons (32), from Honduras. He is a software provider and content producer.

they followed:

Hernan del Pozo (25) from Ecuador. He is a businessman.

Matteo Varela “Teddy” (28) from Colombia. He is a businessman, model, actor, and athlete.

Joshua Knight (31) from Colombia. He is an entrepreneur and an athlete

Assaf Torres (24) from Puerto Rico. He is a singer and songwriter.

Luis Miguel Castro (Loisme) (34) from Peru. He is an actor, model and content creator.

Alessandro Jimenez (30) from Bolivia. He is an Entrepreneur, TV Show Host, Graduate in International Trade, and Model.

Logan (33) from Ecuador. He is an Audiovisual Producer, YouTuber, and Actor.

Freddy (36) from Puerto Rico. He is a businessman.

tense moment

After one is introduced by one of the participants, the boys begin to introduce themselves to each other and during the exchange of ideas a tense moment arose between Josué and Luismi over the answer to the question of what he likes in a woman. In the end things calmed down and harmony returned between them.

First impressions in three minutes

While having that hot conversation with the boys, From home he started calling girls one by oneAnd the first was Fredido.

Each girl can ask a question, given that the partner has three minutes to answer. But what caught our attention was the ambiguity in the wording of the questions or the lack of preparation on their part. Even the driver urged the participants to formulate coherent questions.

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After Fredito, he followed up with Logan, who was asked since when their relationship ended and he replied that it was a year ago. He also danced with fellow countryman Natalie.

They were followed by Alessandro, Loisme, Asaph, Jose, “Belucci”, Hernan and concluded with Gus. Once this dynamic ended, each of the girls voted for their favorite, and the winner was Fredito, who in turn chose one of his companions on the first date and chosen Lizbeth as a reward.

The expectations of both girls and boys are high and it was manifested in this first episode in the curiosity of 18 participants to meet each other and make a good impression to achieve the program’s goal, find love, and over the coming weeks and months will witness potential romantic developments.

As in the first season, the program recorded in Istanbul is broadcast in 11 Latin American countries, including Ecuador, where fans can watch it at 8:00 pm, in Aquavisa. (And)