August 14, 2022

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The presence of Kuwait and New Zealand led to another milestone

The presence of Kuwait and New Zealand led to another milestone

The Spain World Cup Left to descendants Various milestones Y EventsSuch as The first semi-final was settled by penaltiesThe The biggest hit The World Cup (10-1 from Hungary to El Salvador) resulted in an agreement between Germany and Austria that both teams qualified for the second round and FIFA introduced Integrated tables Wave Irritation At the brother’s whole party Emir of Kuwait.

Precisely this last choice, with it New ZealandLed to For the first time in history Will be at least in the World Cups A representative from each continent. Five continents (United States, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania) were represented in the 1982 edition, thanks in part to the first time 24 out of 16 participants.

Asia and Oceania agree

This extension was very global and representative of Spain’82. Asia and Oceania have traditionally shared one of 16 places for the finals, But in 1982 they had two venues. Previous qualifiers of the two federations (AFC and OFC) were played in the final with three Asian teams (China, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) and one Oceanic team (New Zealand). At the end of the league between all of these, Kuwait, the coach Carlos Alberto PereiraThe team entered the World Cup first, while the other exited Playoff match between New Zealand and ChinaWin 2-1 in Singapore and get a ticket to Spain.

The France-Kuwait teams played at the Jose Sorilla Stadium. The Emir of Kuwait’s brother jumped on the field to protest France’s fourth goal


Previously an Asian team and an Oceanic team could not agree before issuing regulations, but in Spain that scenario is going to happen, even if it is just a story.

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They did not last long

What is true Presence of Kuwait and New ZealandTwo of the debut teams (also Algeria, Cameroon and Honduras) Was proof. The two are going to say goodbye to the first change after the first phase of a rule. The Kuwaiti team, which was included in a squad with England, France and Czechoslovakia, scored one point, while the New Zealand players were left out of the squad that joined Brazil, the Soviet Union and Scotland.

You can see the UK-Kuwait history in the Mundo Deportivo newspaper library.