February 23, 2024

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The Pumas fell to New Zealand in the Gold 7s quarter-final

The Pumas fell to New Zealand in the Gold 7s quarter-final

Argentina minor sports team, The Pumas 7 lost 12-5 to the All Blacks 7 in the 2022 Sevens World Cup gold quarter-final.That event You can follow live through Star+. In this way, the team led by Santiago Gomez Cora will play for the 5th to 8th place in the Championship Cup after beating Ireland – South Africa on Sunday.

The first half was very close, both teams knew how to attack at the right time, to reach the goal. Los Pumas 7’s proved difficult to counter as the New Zealanders took control of the game after taking an early advantage, and this was how the counter-response came.

In the fill-in, the rhythm and intensity dropped when referee Jordan Way had to be replaced after an accident – when he hit a player. This worked in All Blacks 7’s favor as once the fight completely cooled down, it was much easier for them to defend themselves and sustain a finish that never got out of hand.

In this way, the Las Pumas 7 teams lost Marcos Moneta due to gastroenteritis, before today’s crossing, they were forced to fight for a maximum of 5th place on the third day of the World Cup.


New Zealand (12): 2. Amanaki Nicol, 7. Sam Dixon, 1. Scott Curry, 11. Moses Leo, 4. Aguila Rogolisova, 6. Nagarohi McGarvey-Black, 12. Sione Molia (C).

Alternate: 10. Kurt Baker, 5. Louis Ormond, 9. Regan Ware, 3. Don Ng Shiu, 8. Caleb Tangitau.

Trainer: Gordon Tietjens.

Argentina (5): 1. Rodrigo Isgró, 4. Joaquín De La Vega, 3. Germán Schulz, 2. Santiago Vera Feld, 11. Luciano González, 9. Matías Osdadczuk, 8. Gastón Revol.

Alternate: 5. Agustin Fraga, 10. Tobias Wade, 7. Alejo Lavayen, 6. Franco Rossetto.

Trainer: Santiago Gomez Cora.

First Time Points: 4′ Attempt by German Schulz (A), 3, Attempt by Scott Curry converted by Aguila Rogolisova (NZ).

Part Result: New Zealand 7-5 Argentina

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Second Half Points: 5′ Attempt by Moses Leo (NZ).

Final Score: New Zealand 12-5 Argentina

Referee: The Jordan Way.

Basketball court: DHL Stadium.